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"coming of age in style"
Personal Shopping for Teens

The teen years are a pivotal time in everyone’s life and fashion will undoubtedly play an integral role. But, whether it’s determining which styles and silhouettes best flatter a teen’s seemingly ever-changing body or creating a fashion identity in the midst of a sea of trends and peer pressure, tackling this aspect of adolescent growth can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Stilista knows just what to do and where to go. We’ll outfit your teen in compliance with a school’s dress code, in basic casual-wear or for a more formal event, all while keeping the budget at a reasonable level. And what’s more, our friendly and trustworthy advice will reach your teen’s ears in a way that a parent’s advice never could…if you know what we mean. Package includes our Basic Style Evaluation (45 minutes) and two hours personal shopping.

"not far from the tree"
Parent / Child Shopping

Create a special memory with this unique package! We share a lot with our children and parents, but what if you could share a special AND useful experience? This package includes a 45-minute group consult with your stylist where you discuss shopping needs and challenges. Your stylist then plans a special 2.5-hour shopping itinerary, where both you and your daughter / son / parent get to shop for what you need with your stylist's help and spend time together. Trust us, we can achieve this balance even if you are very different in preferences and sizes. You'll have a chance to weigh in on one another's ensembles and resolve all your personal style dilemmas. (minimum age: 14)

"denim for everyone"
Denim Shopping for a Group
$75 / person (2 person minimum)

Everyone needs jeans! Why then is it so hard to find ones that are a perfect fit? Our stylists know denim up and down: how to dress it up and down, what washes will stay current longer and how to remedy those common fit issues like looseness in the back or gapping caused by larger hips. Grab a friend or three, and join us for the most productive and fun jeans shopping outing you've ever had. This package includes a 15-minute phone consult for each participant, a custom shopping itinerary and up to 90 minutes of shopping time. Whether you end up being a designer jeans lover or a bargain seeker, we'll make sure everyone walks away with great denim options.

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