Stilista in the media!

The Boston Globe

"Give the gift of a makeover from the team that knows all the fashion dos and don'ts. The Boston based personal shopping agency has taken sisters, lovers, and friends on all sorts of buying excursions, bu the unisex Turn it Around package offers real guidane." (full article)

- Jill Radsken, Boston Globe Style Correspondent



" 'The high-contrast combination of black and white is a minimalist aesthetic with maximum impact,' explains Maria Vasilevsky, founder of styling agency Stilista..." (full article)  - Kelsey Mulvey, Trends



"Maria Stilista from Boston specializes in styling her clients. Here are my top 3 tips for making the girl to woman transformation – from a college student to a more mature, professional wardrobe for women in their 20’s…" (full article)  -Angie, Contributing Writer




"It was a fitting vibe for the urban girl: feminine yet edgy, romantic yet practical..." (full article)



"Boston Fashion Week, Sustainably Stylish:  Stilista Boston presents a fresh take on fashion..." (full article)



"Special Fall Fashion Guide >>>  Stylist & Stilista Co-Founder Maria Vasilevsky makes creating great fall outfits easy"... (full article)



"Must Haves|Styled by Stilista...Need a little support?  Try these fabulous undergarments before and after birth..." (full article)


Boston Magazine

"...with a modicum of planning, you will be scooping up deals with the best of them. Get friendly with the manager of your favorite store, says Stilista's Alice Miles. "Ask what days of the week the store puts out markdowns - you'll get first dibs""

- Connoisseur, May, 2009

Fox 25 Boston

Stilista hosts a Spring/Summer looks Fashion Show at Cambridgeside Galleria's Passport to Style Event. (watch the video preview of featured looks)


Boston Magazine

"The Great Stocking Stuff-off - We gave Boston's savviest personal shoppers three hours and $100 to round up some choice holiday loot."(full article)

- Rachel Baker, Style Editor


"Alice Miles and Maria Vasilevsky pull the rug out from under the traditional notion of stylists...Whether you'd like to explore Boston's high-end retail scene or there's a fashion emergency that needs attention (the darned airline just found your suitcase in Charlotte), Alice, Maria or one of their many sharp-eyed stylists will have you red carpet-ready in a snap. All the major hotels know how to find them, and these women know where to find season previews and sneak peeks at designer collections..."(read full description)



"With the "Not Far From the Tree" shopping trip, mom and daughter each work with a stylist to assemble a wardrobe that's lifestyle, body, and budget appropriate...While this is more expensive than rummaging through the racks at your favorite store, it's more productive in the long run - the "savings" here is mental, and the mom-daughter bonding is lots of fun."



"Women struggle every day to find the right outfit -- the one that looks good on them...Stilista was created by a group of stylists who wanted to help teach people how to shop for clothes properly. They run style seminars and shopping events to help people find everything from the perfect pair of jeans to the elusive bra that actually fits!" (full article)


Wicked Local Allston-Brighton

"Different from the "one-woman-shows" that currently dominate Boston's fashion/image consultant scene, Stilista offers expertise in a wide variety of areas, particularly vintage, corporate fashion, eco-friendly threads, upscale trends, menswear and plus-size styles." (full article)

- Kristin Erekson, TAB Correspondent


"The well dressed stylists help you dress for success, with everything from personalized shopping sprees, to digging through your closet for buried treasures!"(Watch Video)

- CN8

The Boston Globe

"Maria Vasilevsky and Alice Miles not only do the usual wardrobe analyses and overhauls, but they'll go so far as to assess what someone should wear on a hot date. They'll also accompany would-be fashionistas on themed shopping trips: for cool vintage pieces, hip maternity garb, budget chic, even eco-friendly fashions." (full article)

- Erin Murray, Daily Candy/Boston Globe Style Contributor

Boston Magazine

"I must give Miles and Vasilevsky credit: They're accommodating, pleasant to be around, and passionate about their work. I'd recommend them to anyone seeking a wardrobe revamp!"

- Rachel Baker, Style Editor

Women's Business

"Do you have trouble finding great fitting office attire? Here's how to transform your look from pedestrian suits and sweater sets to some seriously stylish office worthy ensembles that work for your body." (full article)

- A. Miles, M. Vasilvesky

Northeastern News

"Alice Miles, founder and fashion consultant for private shopping firm Stilista Boston, says mixing certain key pieces. like a tailored blouse or a fitted blazer, with more casual clothes, like a thrift T-shirt, is the trick to giving outfits new dimensions..." (full article)

- Rachel Zarrell, Contributing Writer