Get the answers to your personal shopper & fashion stylist questions here!

What is a stylist?

Although a stylist can wear many hats, often they act as a translator between the fashion industry and the consumer. Through many years of experience, stylists develop a keen ability to translate trends seen on the runway and in fashion magazines into appropriate clothing options for their clients. They can also work as liaisons for corporations leading style and image events, or developing and writing their dress code policy to reflect their corporate image goals. At Stilista, we will help you choose items that complement your shape and lifestyle as well as achieve your own personal style goals. We want to show you that it is possible to build an exceptionally stylish wardrobe for any shape and size and on any budget, while teaching you valuable skills that will keep you looking great for a lifetime!

When would I need a stylist?
The most common reasons to get some style help are life's transitions or special events. Because we work with a large variety of people from all walks of life, stylists can offer an objective eye and invaluable advice when you are entering unfamiliar territory such as switching careers, attending a special event, re-evaluating your wardrobe or shopping for a stylish gift for someone else. You don't have to be a total style disaster to call a stylist. We can step in and advise you at any point in your quest for stylish attire whether it involves an entire wardrobe evaluation, shopping for one event, or seeking out exclusive or specialty items. Whatever the case, shopping with a stylist can be fun and exciting as well as a great learning experience, that will enable you to shop effectively for yourself!

How is Stilista different from other fashion stylist businesses? 

Stilista is an industry veteran, having been founded in 2007. We have learned a lot since our inception, and we continue to evolve based on the needs of our community. Our biggest point of differentiation is that we have had a team approach from the start! Today, we have an amazing team of 8 style professionals. This means that we can always tap into one another with questions, which comes in handy when we are working with tougher proportions or trying to track down hard-to-find items. It also means that we can easily accommodate multiple people who want to shop together, as well as larger style-themed events. We are even able to offer luxury shopping excursions, and ensure that each guest is getting the proper amount of time with a stylist, by sending multiple staff members. These are very popular with brides and bridal parties! We are also passionate about continuous training, and we regulalry get together for enriching style outings and to geek out about fashion together. Finally, we are committed to hiring people that are down to earth, positive and fun to be around, so you won't encounter any fashion divas here! 

Will a stylist make me get rid of my current wardrobe?
At Stilista, our stylists will never make you get rid of anything! Our mission is to simply educate you what silhouettes, colors, fabrics and overall look works best for your shape, lifestyle, and comfort level. We will always advise you on what pieces work great for you and what others to avoid, and make recommendations, but in the end, it is entirely your decision on what to keep, acquire, or donate. Many of our clients choose to sell their ill-suited items and use the extra funds to invest in some great new pieces that truly work well for them! 

How is payment made?
Payment is required in full on or before the date of service. We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, personal checks and cash. To pay via Paypal with your own account, please follow the link and use in the "pay to" field.

Do I have to shop with my stylist?
Although it is beneficial to shop with your stylist, it is not required. If you would like one of our stylists to shop for you on their own time, we require a preliminary consultation where an assessment of your fashion needs; lifestyle and proper measurements can take place. We will discuss your budget and prioritize the items that are needed the most. This will ensure that our stylists can accurately shop for you on their own. A one time return trip is included in the cost. Hourly shopping rates apply. Please see our "services" page for more information.

Are Stylist services for women only?

No, no, no!! We LOVE our male clients, and we currently have 4 menswear experts on our team. Men's style is different than women's because there are less options, which means that one has to be extra careful when deciding about those little details that make your look truly yours. We work with outstanding custom vendors, and enjoy superb relationships with menswear stores and departments in and around Boston. We have worked with men from 5'4" to 6'8", and we have a 60% rebooking rate among our male clients. Many start working with us because they receive our services as a gift from a spouse or friend! If you have a guy in your life who could use our help, you can purchase a gift card here (bottom of page). We run our payments through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card. 

Besides wardrobe, are hair and makeup services available?
Yes, we believe that your hair and make-up are an important component of your personal style! For this reason, we offer our Pampered and Polished package for women, and a modified hair-only version for men. We have done our homework, using only stylists and salons that consistently deliver great results and take the time to consult our clients thoroughly and show them how to style their new do. For the make-up experience, we only use non-commission make-up artists that undertsand that the goal is to educate as opposed to sell product. The best part? Your Stilista stylist will stay by your side, take notes for you and interject whenever your needs need to be further explainer or clarified. 

Does your agency receive commission from vendors?

Absolutely not. Commissions are against our principles because we always want to seek out products and services that work best for our clients and not have any bias in the process. We often get approached with a commission offer, and we always ask if we can instead extend it as a discount for our clients. This is another thing that makes Stilista different in the fashion styling industry as accepting vendor commissions is not uncommon. 

Where is Stilista located?
We are located south of Boston, and are happy to travel within 30 miles of the 02115 area code for personal styling appointments. If you live outside of that radius, worry not! Many of our clients that live further away opt to shop with us in Boston, Natick, Burlington or Braintree or pay a driving fee for a home visit for wardrobe work. Driving fees are assessed case by case, based on mileage, and usually range between $40 - $120. Call us at 617-965-2500 to get a quote for your area. For corporate services we travel nationally. 

What are Stilista's hours?

We work with clients 7 days a week in order to accommodate your busy schedule! For appointment bookings, we are reachable at 617-965-2500 and via email at We strive to pick up as many calls as possible, but if we miss you, we always return voice mails and emails within 24 hours. If your call or email is not returned within 24 hours, chances are, we are experiencing server or voice mail issues, a rare occurence. In those cases, we encourage you to try us again and allow us to help! 

If you have any further questions about us or our services, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.