Read what Stilista clients have to say about their personal style experience!

Stilista's clients come from a variety of industries, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Our team has styled doctors, business owners, students, bankers, artists, parents and executives to name a few. There are many situations, personal and public, where appearance matters a great deal. At Stilista, we are always ready to help you with your style needs!

I worked with Marisa from Stilista to revamp my wardrobe last fall, and can't recommend her highly enough. It had been years since the last time I'd bought any significant amount of clothing, and my closet just hadn't quite kept up with the changes in my style and my life; much of my clothing was either holdovers from undergrad (and I'm now in my late twenties) or from when I bought work clothes for my first job after college (and I'm now a grad student, so I want to look nice, but I don't need to be super dressed up). From the first point of contact to set up an appointment, all the way to after our shopping trip, working with Marisa was a pleasure. She was prompt and professional, and also warm and helpful. When she came over to do my wardrobe audit, I immediately noticed (and liked) her style, and I knew I was in good hands. I really appreciated that she took the time to get to know me and my style during the initial evaluation. Then, over the course of our three-hour wardrobe audit, she helped me get rid of a lot of old clothes I just wasn't in love with anymore, and helped me reimagine how to wear some pieces that had been hiding in the back of my closet. I usually really don't enjoy shopping, so I was a little apprehensive about a marathon three-hour shopping trip, but shopping with Marisa was smooth sailing. Marisa went ahead to pull items for me, so when I arrived there was a dressing room full of clothes that I was excited to try on. She was understanding of the fact that I'm on a grad student budget, and she was attentive to looking out for good deals, while also guiding me on what pieces were worth spending a little more on. It's been a few months since our shopping trip, and getting dressed has gone from being a chore to being a breeze. I consistently feel stylish and age-appropriate, and I love my new clothes. I'm thinking about hiring Marisa again (this time, to rebuild my spring/summer wardrobe), and I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone who wants to overhaul their closet.

Nadirah F.

I loved working with the Marvelous Ms. Marisa! As my 50th birthday approached, I realized that my job, body, and style had changed but my clothes had not. I scheduled a Wardrobe Revamp and it was just what I needed. First, Marisa came to my house, helped me pare down my closet, and made new outfit combos from my existing clothes. Then she took me shopping to fill in my wardrobe gaps and outfit me in flattering new styles. She was easy to work with and there wasn't any pressure to buy. She also gave me a customized list of styles and stores that work best for me. I would highly recommend the experience -- two thumbs way up!

Kim B.

Do you ever stand in your closet for what feels like ages every time you go to get dressed? Cue Marisa! I have a TON of clothes and often I don't know where to start in picking an outfit, styling patterns, or just choosing something I don't wear as frequently. I reached out to Stilista explaining my needs and they recommended a session of outfit creations with my existing wardrobe. Let me just say what a fun time I had going through the clothes that I stare at every single day and finding new fun ways to layer, pattern combinations, different color pairings, etc. Marisa completely changed my mindset on what goes with what and really helped me transform my closet. As a part of the outfit creation session Marisa got to know what I was looking for, my everyday style, others style that I admire, and then she jumped into my closet and spent 3 hours making outfits (pssst...we were only focused on winter outfits). As part of this service Marisa kept track of what my wardrobe was lacking and gave me a list of basics I was missing that would really make my wardrobe that much more versatile. I can't say enough good things! It feels like I have a whole new, fresh wardrobe without spending a small fortune to try a trend or update my seasonal items. I will consider having another outfit creation session for other seasons and maybe even some shopping help. If you're on the fence about hiring a stylist just do it!

Cori S.

I have worked with Marisa for a while. She is great to work with and understands your needs. She has transformed my thinking about clothes. She has helped me pick out new eyeglasses, shop for work clothes and for special events. She is effective at picking out just the right clothes for you and your body type. Looking forward to our next trip!

Martha B.

I had an amazing experience with Marisa revamping my closet/wardrobe in the past few months. We first went through my closet to figure out what I had to work with, donating old styles or things that didn't fit well, which I could never have done on my own. She was so patient and worked with me to see what my personal style goals were. I felt great about paring down what I had, finally getting rid of clothes I had kept for years hoping they'd one day fit/look good. After the closet session, we went shopping to fill the holes in my wardrobe. She worked within my budget, helping me prioritize what I needed now and what I can keep an eye out for later. I usually hate shopping for myself, but she made it a seamless and enjoyable experience. She later came back to help piece everything together, helping me create outfits and work on accessorizing better with what I now had to work with. I still had a few things left I was looking to round out my wardrobe and she did some online shopping to finish out our sessions. I was so happy with everything we bought, and now genuinely enjoy getting ready for everyday and special events. I am more confident with my current wardrobe and with making future purchases myself. It was a pleasure working with Marisa, and recommend her services without hesitation!

Tamra B.

My closet was full of clothes I loved, but that had been there for way too long. Trips to the mall had become increasingly infrequent as weekends were spent with friends and family. Marisa's help was exactly what my aging wardrobe needed. She took the time to understand my lifestyle as well as my style, creating a plan for addressing my needs in both work and casual outfits. After a whirlwind shopping trip expertly managed, I now have a whole new closet full of clothes I loveテ「覇ven more than the ones they replaced! I'd recommend Marisa wholeheartedly to anyone looking to revitalize their wardrobe and style.

Tom W.

I had the pleasure of working with Marisa for a comprehensive wardrobe update. She was able to quickly figure out my "style" but update it and elevate my look. She took me to stores I never would have considered but ended up loving. She was able to dress me in clothes that fit my casual lifestyle but look fashionable and up to date. We also shopped for shoes, outerwear and did a makeup consultation at Neiman Marcus. I love everything we purchased and feel good about how I present myself now. I also feel more comfortable shopping on my own since Marisa taught me so much about where to shop, what to look for and how things should fit. I really enjoyed my time with Marisa and will definitely reach out to her again for help in the future.

Kate M.

I had a fantastic time working with Marisa at Stilista Boston for a Wardrobe Analysis. Scheduling and communication was very smooth and easy, and Marisa arrived to my house right on time. After getting to know me a little, she got right to work going through my closet and helping me decide on a few items to donate and then made multiple outfits for me using my existing clothes. She helped me to put together patterns and colors that I normally would not have thought of and showed me several different ways to wear a single piece of clothing. I had a blast, and two months later, I can honestly say that I have put her outfits and fashion advice to good use! After the appointment she followed up with an email of pointers/things to remember as well as a list of some key pieces she thought my closet was missing. I loved working with Marisa and perhaps I will schedule another appointment with her for a spring/summer Wardrobe Analysis!

Amy K.

I highly recommend Marisa. I'm in my mid thirties but have been wearing the same tee shirt and jeans 'style' since college. I have always admired fashion from afar but felt confused and intimidated whenever I tried to go shopping by myself. Marisa came over to my house one evening to get a feel for what I was looking for and to see (what little) I already had in my closet. She wrote up a very thoughtful summary of everything I needed to build a functional and fashion-forward adult wardrobe at the price point I chose. The subsequent shopping trip was extremely successful. Marisa helped me pick out staple pieces as well as ones I might not have originally thought I could pull off. She also explained fit to me and I discovered I had been buying the wrong size for years! I ended up with a much needed confidence boost and a beautiful new wardrobe.

Emily L.

Marisa has been a wonderful asset to my home and closets! She is extremely efficient, creative, and has a great sense of style. I love how she helped me create multiple outfits with the clothes, shoes and jewelry that I own. She is very hard- working, easy to talk to and thoughtful. I canテ「冲 get over how much we accomplish in 3 - 4 hours. I now know what is in my closet and it all fits and I love what I see. I desperately needed re-organizing, editing out old out-dated items and guidance on what might look fun and good together as outfits. Marisa suggests awesome jewelry accents and combinations that I never would have thought of but I love. She has a wonderful, smart sense of style and understood exactly what my goals were in terms of creating a wardrobe and style that worked for me. We laid out many complete outfits including shoes and jewelry and then I took photos of them to keep a history of all our work to be able to refer to at any time. Marisa is so wonderful as an organizer and stylist that I asked if she would be willing to help me with office work and paperwork that desperately needed organizing as well. She is competent and very detail-oriented and managed to help me go through many piles of paperwork, label and file things and get them in order. She has a natural gift for quickly putting things in the right order and finding a system that allowed me to make significant progress in my work life!

Barb V.

Hi Marisa, I wanted to thank you again for all of your help, I'm so thankful [my husband] did this for me, it was such a great experience! I used to dread going shopping and having to pick out my outfits for the day, and now I genuinely am looking forward to it. I'm so excited for the pieces we picked out and I'm even more excited to continue building on those and expanding my wardrobe! I really can't thank you enough!

Teri C.

Thanks to Marisa, I love my wardrobe again! I dress with confidence and feel fantastic. I'm not a shopper, but Marisa made the process fun and EASY. She listened to me and had a real sense of my likes and dislikes. She also provided helpful guidance, so I was able to comfortably expand my wardrobe choices and was pleasantly surprised by the updates I made. It was such a positive and rewarding experience!

Sara K.

I wanted to extend my warmest thank you(s) to Marisa, who was a tremendous help and source of support, as I sought her styling consultation services before I attended a large career building event this summer -- the 2018 International Models and Talent Association's (IMTA) 33rd Annual Convention in NYC. I was registered in a dozen modeling and acting competitions at the IMTA, and was looking for a wide range of looks to make the best impressions before the judges, managers, casting directors, and talent agents who were attending the convention from across the globe. Marisa was a wonder from the start; promptly responding to my initial request, arranging both a visit to my residence -- to review my existing wardrobe and to discuss and strategize for what additional items would be needed -- and a follow-up shopping day. With Marisa's guidance, I was able to sort through my existing wardrobe in a timely manner, select certain existing items of mine (including shoes, jeans, button downs, blazers, belts), and plan accordingly for our shopping day. Marisa meticulously went through my entire schedule for the week at IMTA and offered terrific insights and suggestions for outfits for each event (ex. for the jeans runway, beachwear runway, and high fashion runway competitions, as well as on-camera commercial acting competitions, callback meetings with agents, etc.), We went to multiple locations on our shopping day together, she was able to get excellent discounts (with various coupons), and she deftly picked out numerous, reasonably priced, clothing and accessories for me (including fitted t-shirts, swimsuits, a full suit complete with shoes, tie, shirt, pocket square). Among the expertise that Marisa imparted was a keen emphasis on the right fit for me for each item. This was key. I went to the IMTA and received recognition (awards) in several competitions and connected to multiple agents on callback day. I believe the success I enjoyed at IMTA was based in no small part to the increased confidence in my clothing based upon all of Marisa's styling advice. I'm grateful for her time and skill and would highly recommend Marisa's services to others.

Erich JP

I can truly say that Marisa has done for me, my wardrobe, and personal style what several stylists I had tried before her were not able to do. She helped me create stylish, flattering outfits that are trendy yet age-appropriate. She did an amazing job listening to my needs (and insecurities!) at our first meeting and crafted a well-thought out shopping strategy to augment my closet. Her follow up email/debrief after our Initial Consultation and Wardrobe Analysis was so thorough and customized. After our shopping trip I headed into summer with a dozen or more outfits for a variety of occasions. She has given me such confidence! I am looking forward to our fall shopping!

Mary H.

I was a person who hated shopping and still wore clothes from grad school days.Some of my oversized shirts belonged to my dad. Glad that I googled for a stylist.I have used Stilista agency multiple times; sometimes to revamp my wardrobe collection and sometimes to get new chic clothes for endless summers in Boston. The stylist I met(Marisa) is a very good listener and pleasant to interact with.She evaluated my needs and then we went out shopping together. Thanks to her my wardrobe collection has more than enough chic options that i can blindly pick & wear any clothes and just walk out the door.And I always get compliments for my clothes. I consider this agency to be very professional but with a personal touch and also they respect the privacy of clients. I would recommend this agency to anyone.Just go for it.

John M.

I decided to reach out to Stilista to obtain an objective opinion on whether the styles I had in my wardrobe were helping me to project my best professional self and to help me consider new styles. After my initial consultation with Marisa, I decided to settle on a brief review and identification of gaps in my wardrobe and a 2 hour long shopping trip. From the beginning of my consultation to the end of the shopping trip, Marisa was such a pleasure to work with- she has a keen sense of her client's style objectives and made great recommendations that fit within my budget. During my shopping trip, I invested in 4-5 pieces that are so versatile that they alone extended my wardrobe significantly. I recommend this service and Marisa completely.

Subarna M.

Marisa is the best! I started working with Marisa 5 years ago after I had my first baby. She helped me transition my wardrobe from a work wardrobe to A wardrobe for a stay at home mom. Now that I am a busy mom of two young kids, Marisa helps me to keep my wardrobe current and functional while maximizing the little time I have to shop. I used to waste time wandering around the mall while my kids were with a sitter. I could spend two hours and leave with nothing! Marisaテ「冱 extensive knowledge of stores, brands and styles allow her to quickly and efficiently pull items that she knows will work for me. She also has great insight into my personal style and which items best suit my lifestyle (slip on sneakers! Pockets!) and makes suggestions accordingly. She has really helped me look at my wardrobe in a whole new way which enables me to make better purchasing decisions when I am shopping by myself. Thanks to Marisa, I can walk into my closet in the morning and quickly and confidently put together an outfit that actually works for my day AND makes me feel great!

Courtney C.

Shopping for clothes, especially nicer outfits for work, can be dreadful for me... No more, thanks to Marisa! After detailed questions about my needs, style, budget, current favorite brands, etc., she suggested which store would be a good start, and got to work! She moved quickly from aisle to aisle, picking some items, putting some back, and then sent me to the dressing room with a first batch to try on while she was looking for more pieces (I truly appreciated the time efficiency!). As I was trying new dresses and skirts (including some that I would have never known could be suitable for me), Marisa's expert eye knew exactly what alterations to recommend to make an ok fit into a perfect fit. After this first shopping trip I immediately booked my next one with her for the next season, and the second trip was awesome, too. The whole experience made me much more confident in what I can wear (both because I like it and it looks great with my body type). It also encouraged me to do some major closet editing on my own - getting rid of clothes that I never wear, as well as acquiring a few more things based on the advice from Marisa. I now have a much more workable closet, styles for all seasons and occasions (including shoes), and most importantly, I love every single piece that I own! Thank you Marisa!!

Gaelle D.

I had such a wonderful experience with Stilista and my stylist Marisa, and I highly recommend this service to everyone. My husband got me the "turn it around" package for Christmas, which was exactly what I was looking for. I had not updated my wardrobe in years except for a couple pieces here and there, and I also struggle with fit issues (I'm short and always buy petite clothing if possible), so both of these issues combined just made me feel overwhelmed about redoing my wardrobe. For our first session, Marisa came to my home and asked about my fashion goals and also did a wardrobe analysis. I tried on almost all of my closet, and for clothes that we edited, she helped me figure out which to donate and which could potentially be resold, which felt great rather than just throwing them all out. Additionally, she created a shopping list while we went through my closet that consisted of basics that I didn't have or things that we were editing and needed a replacement (like my favorite blue cardigan that had become pretty ragged). One thing we found was that I had always bought petite pants, but they really didnテδ「テッツソツステッツソツスt fit correctly and actually made me look shorter than I am. A couple weeks later, based on a budget that I provided her, we went on a shopping trip together, and it was amazing. She helped me rebuild my wardrobe by showing me stores and designers that work for both my size and aesthetic. I mainly stood in the dressing room while she brought me clothes to try on, which was great. I found that regular pants often fit me better, and I learned many other surprising things about sizing, and I was introduced to a lot of new designers. Finally, she came to my place again for one last trip and we made full outfits out of my revamped wardrobe (the outfits even included jewelry and shoes!), and these have become go-to's for me. I consistently get so many compliments at work or with my friends about my style, which feels amazing. What was particularly invaluable about Marisa was how many tips and tricks she gave me about how to think about fit, color, clothes, and outfits. She provided me tools that I know I can use on my own moving forward. This is probably silly, but I also worried a little about having someone whose life is style come in and judge the state of my wardrobe, and if Marisa ever thought twice about that, I never heard, saw, or felt it. I never felt judged in any way whatsoever. I ultimately feel like this was an investment that just keeps on giving. I am so happy that I did this and I 100% recommend Stilista and particularly Marisa to anyone and everyone.

Anjuli S.

Marisa is terrific! I've worked with her to update my tired wardrobe, teach me how to better make use of my existing clothing, plan clothing choices for extensive travel, and just help me feel up-to-date and appropriately stylish for my age and my profession. I highly recommend her!


I loved working with Marisa. She quickly got a handle on my style when we went through my wardrobe. On our shopping trip she directed me towards cuts and styles that I liked and that fit properly. I got a ton of clothes that Iテ「冦 excited to wear. After this I never want to shop by myself again! Thank you!


Marisa listens carefully to the kind of work/life clothing needs that you have. She gently encourages you to try new things; in different shapes and silhouettes, giving you an honest opinion about how pieces actually look on YOU! She provides a detailed list of critical pieces missing from your current wardrobe, being mindful of your budget. Then, after your shopping trip with her, she will come to your house for an outfit creation session, putting together pieces that you never would have imagined. Your entire look will be elevated! Book a session with her- it is well worth it!

Kathy K.

I treated my granddaughter and myself to a consultation and shopping trip with Marisa. My granddaughter is 13 and I am 60 so we presented Marisa with the difficult task of shopping for two very different styles. The depth of Marisa's knowledge of the layout and inventory of each store really paid off. Her extensive contacts with the sales staff at many stores was extremely helpful in locating products as well as providing sales and discount information. Marisa has a great talent for putting together items to achieve a very polished look. Both my granddaughter and I came away with some great new pieces to serve as the basis for growing a wardrobe to be proud of. Thank you, Marisa!

Mary A.

I asked Marisa to help me select outfits for a conference in Europe and for my vacation that followed. It is always very difficult to decide what to take with me. Marisa was very helpful; she created outfits from the pieces I had and suggested some combinations I never tried before. She also recommended to shop some brands I was not aware earlier and the style and sizes were perfect for me. I highly recommend Marisa's consultation for busy women to look stylish and save time in deciding what to wear for different occasions.

Tatiana K.

I am not intuitively fashionable so I sought out assistance to help me with something I know little about. This was a crucial step to go from fashion zero to fashion hero. I explained to Marisa the help I was looking for, her experience was evident right away. She set me up with the fashion I was looking for with a very flexible wardrobe. Many of the items and outfits were very interchangeable. I don't have to toil in front of a mirror wondering why this doesn't quite look right. If I am in a rush I can fall back on the outfits I know work together and go out into the world confident that I look good. I also like that I dont look like everyone else. Clothes cover 50%- 90% of your body and represent you whether you mean them to or not. Since upping my fashion game I receive compliments socially and professionally. This also helps a great deal romantically. I often feel like the best dressed guy in the room. Very few men take a proactive approach to self betterment, often taking half measures with internet searches and advice from friends. Working with Marisa is not a half measure, its the whole thing. Do yourself a favor, treat yourself, spend the money and start looking really really good.

Eric J.

I had never worked with a stylist before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It was a very positive experience! Marisa asked me some questions and then worked with me (and my closet) to determine what items I could keep and which ones just had to go. Best part is she explained why. In particular I appreciated her advice in terms of fit, just because I fit into it, it doesn't mean it looked great on me or did much for me. Marisa made her point kindly and clearly. I really enjoyed watching her work when she came back and used her creativity to made countless outfits out of what I already owned, including belts, shoes and accessories. Incredible because I thought I would need to purchase many items, little did I know they were already there sitting in my closet. A treat was when she researched some sites and compiled an email of links of particular clothing items she thought would look great on me. I loved targeted shopping instead of surfing the net for hours. Thanks Marisa!


I can't say enough positive things about the 3.5 hours I spent with Marisa. Her services were a gift for my 40th birthday; it had been years since I had updated my wardrobe, and my body had changed a lot since having a child. Marisa spent an hour getting to know me and my style preferences, and really listened closely to what I had to say about the way I wanted to look, asking thoughtful questions that got at my desired style far better than I could have initially expressed. Shopping with her was an amazing experience テ「 she was able to note for every piece I pulled why it worked or didnテ「冲 work for my body type and desired style, and would then bring me 3-4 pieces that were a clear improvement over what I had chosen myself, pieces that made me feel stylish and sophisticated. I get compliments every time I wear something Marisa helped me find! And now sheテ「冱 my go-to stylist when I need something for a special occasion or a wardrobe refresh. Thank you Marisa!!

Catherine P.

I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Stilista Boston after seeing someone I followed on Instagram being linked up to the company. After doing some research into the services offered, I was very excited to reach out, as Iテ「况e been thinking about a wardrobe overhaul for a few years now. I enjoyed shopping, but always felt overwhelmed by the choices, and had an easier time buying nice pieces, but never knowing how to pull together a great outfit. Then Marisa came and completely changed my life- not an exaggeration! During our initial wardrobe overhaul visit, I was so excited to try on truly every piece of clothing I had. Some had to go, lots had to be tailored (Marisa confirmed many things werenテ「冲 fitting me right!) and some had to be repurposed after Marisa helped me bring in other pieces. We had 2 really fun shopping trips- and when I say fun, it felt like that great shopping scene from Pretty Woman. Marissa knew exactly what to seek out for me, based on our conversations together and Marisaテ「冱 excellent knowledge on what works for different people, and the current trneds. Each shopping trip was about 2 hours, and I ended up buying so many incredible pieces. A few high end splurges, but than many affordable pieces to pull together great outfits. I think what amazes me the most is that while I felt so incredibly satisfied and confident with my newfound knowledge about pulling together outfits, and the new additions to the wardrobe, is that others immediately picked up on it as well. I still remember that first dinner I went out to with my girlfriends and the questions were テ「弩ow great outfitテ「 or テ「弩here did you get that topテ「- things I didnテ「冲 hear often or ever J Even my husband surprised me with similar テ「徃reat outfitテ「 compliments. When you have a pulled together outfit, people notice- but more importantly, you exude a confidence that is hard to describe. The monetary investment was truly small when I think about all that Iテ「况e gained from my time with Marisa. If anything, I feel in the long run Iテ「冦 actually saving money because Iテ「冦 so much smarter about buying clothes now. I only buy what I know I truly need to add to the wardrobe, and only if something really fits my body type, rather than buying something for being a steal or looking great on the hanger. All in all, I couldnテ「冲 recommend Marisa more. I am not exaggerating when I say she truly made an amazing impact on my life!

Lauren E.

Marisa is AMAZING! She helped me in Spring 2017 with both work clothes and outfits for going out. I hate to shop and never know what is going to look good on me. Marisa came to my house and went through my closet with me. I had a business trip coming up and Marisa, miraculously, put together a set of outfits for me with my own clothes and accessories. They were great! Then she went shopping for me and picked out a set of things (blouses, pants, jackets) that I was very comfortable with as well as a few things that were, for me, edgier. I LOVED all of it, and I have never received so many compliments. Marisa is phenomenal!

窶葱atherine K

I've worked with Marisa twice. Both times I needed help putting together outfits for public speaking and professional conferences. Not only that, but since I prefer to wear clothes that don't contain animal byproducts, I wanted these outfits to be free of leather, wool, suede, etc. Marisa was a huge help and was receptive to all of my requests. She was able to quickly put together multiple complete outfit options for me to try on. And she had a real sense for what clothes fit my body type. Every time I wear the outfits Marisa helped with I get positive feedback.

Ryan A

I had a wonderful experience working with Marisa in December 2016. I purchased the wardrobe re-vamp package because I really needed some help and input. My life circumstances had changed a lot in the last few years: 1) I'd had a baby in December 2015 2) I had finally arrived at my pre-baby weight a couple of months before, but discovered that my post-baby, post-nursing body was different from my pre-baby body, even at the same weight 3) I had gotten a big promotion a couple of years ago 4) I had recently started a new job at a company which was much more formal than my last I hadn't bought new (non-maternity) clothes for over two years between trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and then trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My personal and professional wardrobes were out-dated, not suited for where my career was, and ill-fitting. Marissa spent several hours at my home discussing my objectives and style and then going through my closet with me. I tried on almost everything I owned and sorted through what to keep, alter, and toss. It was great - I got a new perspective from Marisa on what is current and what's not. She also helped me finally take a bunch of things to Goodwill, which I was having trouble admitting that I needed to get rid of. Based on this, Marisa created a shopping list of things for me purchase over time, to build my wardrobe. Then we shopped! This was so helpful and three hours flew by. Marisa helped me consider pieces and stores that I would have otherwise never considered or had previously dismissed because I had written them off as not flattering for my body. She also showed me that I was often buying the wrong size and that sizing down would be more appropriate and way more flattering. Finally, I got a new perspective on what looks good, what is current and how to think about what I'm wearing differently. Most of us (women especially) are very critical of our own bodies and focus on the "imperfections," no matter how minor. Working with Marisa helped me appreciate my body more and become more open to things that flatter and work with my shape, rather than try to hide the parts of my body that I'm self-conscious of. I've already recommended Stilista and Marisa to several friends and would use Marisa's consulting services again in the future.


I was given a gift certificate to Stilista last year by my husband and daughter. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received! I have worked with Marisa twice now. She is amazing: kind, professional and a pleasure to work with. She listened very attentively to my needs, likes, dislikes, lifestyle and budget. I was able to streamline my closet, update and purchase clothing that truly fits my age, body size and style. I would have never done this without her assistance. I am hooked, and plan to call Marissa next month to help me dress myself for a number of upcoming weddings!

Tina H

My time with Marissa was amazing - not what I was expecting. It turned out to be spectacular! I was uncomfortable with this service - I hate shopping (I am a guy!) and Marissa picked right up on this when sorting through my existing clothes and created a great shopping experience. What I like best was she was discreet, she worked quickly so I spent no time shopping only trying on, and she was on point knowing my sizes, what I like, what was flattering, and what mixed and matched well to give me many options. About 95% of the items she suggested were keepers. It is fantastic having a new wardrobe that fits, nearly everything coordinates with everything else, and its really easy for me to dress for a variety of occasions. Thank you Marissa!


Marisa is a fashion whisperer and an excellent teacher! I had always wanted a more put-together look, but never seemed to be able to achieve it on my own. My fiancé, noting my wardrobe disappointment and reluctance to even go shopping, got me Stilista’s Deluxe Turn It Around package for Christmas last year. It was truly one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! First, the wardrobe analysis was eye opening. As Marisa went through my closet, she explained things like why some pieces were dated, why certain necklines worked better than others, and how to better utilize some of the pieces I already owned. She also created outfits that I would have never put together and, notably, received compliments on once I did wear them. She was keenly aware of the fashion goals I had mentioned during our evaluation conversation and worked within that framework. Then Marisa and I went shopping and it was such a fun, productive and educational experience! Not only did Marisa select pieces that looked great on me, but she also explained why she made the selections and how they would work with the wardrobe that we were building. She has also introduced me to the amazing world of accessories. Each shopping trip has been a much-needed lesson in making the right fashion choices for myself and building a cohesive, stylish, and current wardrobe. A testament to her awesomeness is the compliments that I receive – not only on the outfits I bought with her, but also on pieces that I have purchased on my own since I started working with her. I was also excited when Marissa connected me with a make-up artist and make-up line that worked well for black women, as I have had difficulty finding high quality products in the past. Working with Marissa has really transformed my concept of style and fashion. She is an exceptional stylist who is both professional and friendly. I look forward to working with her more in the future and recommend her very highly.


For Christmas, my husband gave me the Turn It Around shopping experience since I always complain about the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning. My goal was to easily be able to pick out an outfit for work and weekends that I loved to wear. I also wanted to learn how to be smarter in my shopping so I wasn't wastefully buying the same types of articles and investing in quality pieces that I would wear for a long time. I got exactly what I wanted out of the wardrobe review and consultation experience. I appreciated that Stephanie was friendly but efficient and to the point. We went through my closet quickly and I felt she was able to provide many pointers immediately about how to add some more excitement to my work clothes and how to improve the fit of my pants. I was really open to letting my clothes go but I think Stephanie was also sensitive to which pieces I would really have a hard time parting with. I also liked the follow-up email on what pieces we would be looking for at our shopping trip and even what pieces I will be looking for beyond that. The shopping experience was excellent. We had lots of success and I have been wearing all of the items we bought multiple times since we went on the trip. I felt really comfortable with Stephanie and she was really flexible with the day. My favorite item was a pair of leopard heels in a size 4.5. I'm really excited about not having to waste time finding shoes stores with my size or questioning what my real size is at certain stores. It is going to save me SO much time. Excellent experience and I'm recommending to all friends and family.

Carolyn M.

Marisa was AMAZING to work with. I, as I have discovered with some women, have a level of anxiety when it comes to shopping for clothes and anything related to fashion. I explained this to Marisa beforehand, and she made our shopping trip enjoyable and fun. I finally have the clothing re-vamp that I wanted, and feel more confident shopping now based on the tips she gave me. I'm wearing one of the outfits at work today, and I feel like the confident self I lost over time.I will definitely be making an appointment with Marisa again.


I am a photographer and I was recently hired to shoot fashion-style pictures for a late-20s female scientist. My client was very photogenic, but didn’t want pictures in her “science clothes”. She wanted a more fashionable look, but neither she, nor I, were fashion experts. Marisa, from Stilista, came to our rescue! She found a perfect outfit that matched my client’s coloring and style, delighted my client, and made the shoot a tremendous success. I would absolutely use Stilista again.


My thank you to you Marisa is long overdue but it remains a very heartfelt thanks! Your assistance in all aspects of shopping, makeup, and especially listening to all my questions and concerns was invaluable! I also have good memories of our work together over days for this wedding event! I am looking forward to sharing the photos once we have them. I really appreciate our ability to work together directly, honestly, and with your great flair for style and fashion always being the fresh, exciting component! I have learned so much.


My closet clean out and shopping trip with Molly was fantastic! She really motivated me to get rid of items that did not fit with my lifestyle or no longer fit properly. It really allowed for me to be able to look into my closet and have great outfit options. Our shopping trip was super productive, she kept us on track and made lots of suggestions of high quality, versatile items. She kept my budget, style and preferences into account and I came home with many new pieces that can be mixed and matched together and with things that I already own. I am actually excited to get dressed each day!


I bought the Wardrobe Revamp and so far I'm loving it. Stephanie met me at my house and reviewed what I already own to show me what i'm missing and what's outdated. We went on a 3 hour shopping mission and I got a ton of pieces I never would have thought to buy myself. Next step is outfit creation and I am looking forward to it - would definitely recommend!

Brittany Y.

Marisa was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was so friendly and helpful and made the experience of shopping (which I don’t typically enjoy!) really enjoyable. She immediately identified holes in my wardrobe that I didn’t even realize were contributing to my lack of outfits. And also helped me get rid of a ton of old clothes that weren’t worth keeping around. I have gotten at least a dozen compliments at work in the weeks since our session on my new outfits. My upgraded wardrobe is clearly noticeable and I love that!   Loved Marisa’s services so much that I got my mother a session with her for her birthday! Highly highly recommend working with her.

Stephanie H.

I had a session with Molly last week and I can't say enough about how professional, insightful and hardworking she was. My time spent with Molly so beneficial. It was a pleasure to work with with her and I can't wait to do it again. Thank you so much for pairing me with her!

Barbara D.

I received a Stilista Boston gift certificate for a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip, and I'm writing to rave about my experience. I feel especially fortunate to have been paired with Stephanie Jones. When I first checking her profile, I was worried because she seemed so young, and I'm in my late 50s. I knew I needed a new style, but I didn't want to look like my 30 year old daughter. One conversation with Stephanie put all those fears to rest. She listened carefully, she took a careful look at my closet, and she created a shopping list and a shopping plan that was nothing short of masterful! I have a *terrible* time finding shoes that fit. With Stephanie's help, I ended up with four fabulous and versatile pairs of shoes. I needed in between clothes--e.g. between work and super casual--and she helped me find some great pieces that I can dress up or down. Last, but not least, this woman knows jeans. She pointed me to two pairs of the best jeans I've ever had on my body--jeans I *never* would have tried on. They are PERFECT for me. So all in all, I'm a complete Stephanie convert! Thank you, Stilista, and thank you Stephanie for making shopping fun and smart.

Jeanne F

Hey Marisa! I started wearing my new clothes immediately, and have found that they can mix and match very easily with each other, and the rest of my closet as well. I've even worn the blazer already for my senior presentation last week. Come to think of it, I've worn every item we bought at this point, at least once. The experience shopping in Boston was very efficient, which was exactly what I was hoping for--point A to B and C, picking out a piece here and there. It would have taken me the entire day to search through those stores and find the things I liked if I was by myself. I also can appreciate the gentle push you gave me to try some things on in Anne Taylor Loft that I was hesitant about at first, but now love to wear. Some of my favorites would probably be the black patterned tank top, the black pants, that flowery shirt from Anne Taylor, and the blazer (I've been wanting one for years)...My wardrobe feels pretty complete at this point, so I'm happy. Thanks so much for your shopping expertise, I'm very happy with the clothes I got!

Lana S.

Thank you so much Marisa for helping me edit my wardrobe the other day! ...I can't believe you remembered/gathered all that information from your short time here - you are so talented! You are very gifted and I can't wait to work with you again!

Alyson F

My Stilista package was a birthday gift and I was extremely impressed with Stephanie and the Stilista process. I recently had a baby and have returned to work in the financial services industry. My clothes need to be professional and conservative. I was having a hard time finding items that had the right fit for my new body type. Stephanie was a pleasure to work with and made the whole process very painless. I typically do not enjoy shopping and our first shopping trip was fun and productive. Stephanie listened to my feedback and I was able to find many new pieces that fit well. I have been wearing my new outfits to work the last several weeks and have received many compliments from many colleagues including senior managers. Stephanie gave me great advice and was very helpful in guiding me to many foundational pieces of my new wardrobe. I look forward to our next shopping trip!

Heather L

I highly recommend Marisa at Stilista. She took me on a targeted shopping trip to stores that fit my criteria. Marisa was professional and listened carefully to my needs. She never pushed me into anything I didn't want. Marisa focused on understanding what I wanted and pulled together clothes that made a huge difference.

Denis T

I was fortunate to get paired with Molly when I contracted with Stillista Boston. A little background – I’m a High-Tech executive that travels the globe supporting our scaling business. Prior to contacting Stillista, I had spent 10 months focused on getting more fit which resulting in losing 20lbs and dropping three dress sizes, so I was in need of major help. During our first meeting, we spent time reviewing my current wardrobe and defined our goals for revamping and updating my wardrobe . We also spent time on dressing for my new size and I learned how to stop hiding and start wearing clothes that complimented my new size 8/10 figure. When we met to try on and review the selections I have to say she hit it out of the park. I now have 14 new pieces that are forming the foundation of my wardrobe and can mix and match well with my existing pieces. Specifically, she found 2 versatile colorful wrap dresses, 3 pencil skirts, 5 figure flattering blouses, 1 jacket, 2 sweater / jackets, and 1 pair of colorful straight leg pants. All of these pieces have great colors and patterns and Molly has shown me how to wear these as “neutrals” and mix them in the right way to meet the needs of my career. I can’t be more pleased with the results.

Carina E.

My experience with Stilista was nothing short of wonderful! When I contacted Caitlin, she quickly determined that Stephanie would be a good match for me based on a few pointed questions, e.g., current style, body type, fashion goals, etc…Stephanie and I easily arranged dates/times for the initial consultation, closet consult and shopping excursion. The closet consult was efficient and much needed! Stephanie suggested outfits based on my current wardrobe (including shoes and accessories), we discarded/consigned ill-fitting clothing, and she began making a list of of items for our shopping trip. The following week, we met for the shopping excursion, which was surely a success! Stephanie expertly led the way from store to store, building my wardrobe one “basic" at a time. She nudged me out of my comfort zone and I tried different styles that I would never have entertained on my own. The result is a versatile wardrobe from head to toe. I feel confident and stylish, whether it’s at work, chasing my kids on the weekend and everything in-between! Thank you Stephanie and Stilista!

Tracey S.

I can't wait to work with you again Molly! I had such an enjoyable afternoon with you. I'll be in touch soon to set up another appointment. AND, I so appreciate the follow up emails, suggestions, etc. Great touch!

Holly R.

Wonderful guidance from Sonya. Makeup, hair and glasses consultations were fun and informative. Just a great day overall.

Carol R.

My overall experience of Stilista was excellent from start to finish. Working with Cory was a fun and easy -- he was friendly, attentive, supportive and helpful. I totally recommend Stilista to others like me who need a fresh start with their wardrobe.

Sue P.

Sonya was my style consultant. She was amazing. She created outfits from the clothes I already have and taught me how to "accent" my outfits with jewelry. Sonya taught me the correct styles and colors to wear. When we shopped, Sonya selected clothes I would not have known to select -- they look great. Sonya created a reference list for me to use when I do my own shopping. Getting dressed and shopping is much easier and more fun than it was before I met Sonya!

Ellen D.

I cannot speak highly enough about Lauren and Molly. Lauren worked with my niece and she has real body image issues and is very, very shy and quiet and rarely, rarely smiles. Although I didn't sit in on the consult portion, I how hard it was for Lauren to get any information out of my niece about what she likes - although she can expound at length about what she doesn't like! Through it all, Lauren was patient and kind, rushing through holiday crowds with a smile on her face. By the end, my niece was stressed and feeling frustrated with herself and her weight. Lauren was supportive and encouraging right to the end. We had a great morning shopping with Lauren and Molly then a great girls' lunch in the City. It was a wonderful day. But the best part was yet to come... ...I looked up from my morning coffee today to find my niece in one of her new outfits with a smirk on her face. She looked wonderful and happy. That look was worth every penny spent. So, know that Lauren and Molly are a great asset. I won't hesitate to call on them again, and I probably will!


I had a Stilista appointment this weekend, and wanted to tell you what a great experience I had with Lauren Lombard. I am relatively naive about shopping and clothing, and even from the initial phone conversations I had with your staff, I was put at ease. From the types of questions I was asked and the options I was presented with, the staff seemed thoughtful, knowledgeable, and supportive. Lauren continued in the same way. She made me feel at ease, and was very flexible with the layout of the session. Lauren was quick to understand what type of clothing I was looking for, and I was very impressed with how much she remembered of my closet after only a short time with my wardrobe. Because of that, she was able to find things that worked with what I already had, and thus expand my wardrobe without redundancy of space, style, or cost. I was also impressed with how well she respected my limitations. She did not once steer me to items that would not be realistic for my lifestyle, a common problem with mail-order or magazine style suggestions. Lauren was incredibly professional, and I felt she made our time the most efficient shopping trip I've ever had! Overall, I was very impressed with your company, and look forward to telling friends and co-workers about it!


Molly listened so carefully to my style preferences and wish list for what I look for in clothing. She took all my requests in stride, and found me great fitting clothes that suited my body type and worked as outfits. She was fabulous about asking store associates for help so we could maximize the efficiency of our shopping time, and gave me tips on how to wear everything I bought. I'm vegan and she managed to find me a fabulous non-wool blazer and formal coat, as well as checking labels on everything from skirts to sweaters. She saved me an enormous amount of time and buyer's regret. An absolute win.

Kelly C

Molly was such a joy to work with. She arrived on time to my house and was professional and efficient with my time. She went through my closet and helped to consign the things that no longer were needed and put together outfits that were workable in my current wardrobe.She arrived ahead of time at our designated shopping starting point and picked out clothes that would work for my style and needs and helped my to try and choose a good versatile selection. We found so many great things that I could incorporate with my current wardrobe.I would highly recommend Molly for anyone who is looking for a closet revamp as she is truly a professional.

Tiffany M.

Molly Bechtel worked with me in Boston on a special day of shopping to celebrate my birthday.  She is so talented at pulling together all the right pieces to bring together an outfit in a polished and creative way.  Her expertise at finding the right sizes and styles for my body was incredible.  It is a pleasure to spend time with her.  She is very attentive to the feelings of the client and made sure to get frequent feedback from me on my opinions.  I am looking forward to working with her in the future. Thank you Stilista and Molly!

Liza M.

I want to express my appreciation and admiration for the wonderful work of Marisa Meloski.  It is rare indeed to find a woman who not only has a wonderful sense of style and fashion but also knows fashion for men as well as women.  My wife had suggested that I find a stylist and I came to Marisa.  I was lucky  to find her.  She is extremely easy to work with and understands the needs of professional men for both business and casual attire.  She worked closely with me to visit the appropriate stores to find new, well-fitting, fashionable clothes for me. She is very good at giving suggestions but she fosters the expression of the personal tastes and individualism of her clients.  I really enjoyed working with Marisa…and that is unusual since I generally do not like shopping.  She was extremely helpful in working with the salespeople at various stores to help me to end up with the correct items. She also has a great eye for fit and was unafraid to state clearly when something was not a perfect fit for me.  This is really one of the wonderful advantages of someone like Marisa, as opposed to salespeople at stores, she has no vested interest in having a client walk out with an item from a specific store. I would urge any men and corporate executives to use Marisa as a personal stylist.  She is extremely talented and is very knowledgeable of the fashion industry.  She understands how clothes are made and how they need to be tailored and cared for. She is also very proactive in providing her clients with help. An example is that I had so many ties and shirts that I had trouble remembering which were best with which.  She took digital photos for me that I keep on my phone as a “guide” for future reference. In sum, Marisa Meloski is everything a man or executive would want in a fashion stylist. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their wardrobe into something more up-to-date and better fitting.  

Jim L.

Thank you for assigning Sonya as my image consultant.  She is amazing. Sonya put together outfits in my closet that I didn’t know I could put together.  I wore them to work last week, and one of my colleagues said I look like a new person. Sonya taught me how to use my necklaces and belts. Yesterday Sonya and I found great eyeglasses.  I always thought eyeglasses looked terrible on me but thanks to Sonya I now think they don’t. I can’t wait to go shopping with Sonya on Saturday.  

Ellen D.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Shana!  She has transformed my closet and helped me to see that I actuallyhave lots of great clothes & shoes that fit that I love.  She is so kind and thoughtful and unbelievably efficient and hard-working.  I can’t get over how much we accomplish in 3 hours.  I ended up having her stay longer yesterdayas it was so productive!I now know what is in my closet and it all fits and I love what I see.  I have a few things I need to shop for but very few.I desperately needed re-organizing, editing out old unattractive out-dated items and guidance on what might look funand good together as outfits.  She is doing that for me in spades.  And even suggests awesome jewelry accents and combinationsthat I never would have thought of but I love.  She has an awesome, fun sense of style.  I never would have guessed how good Icould feel about what I own and how I dress.  She is like a magician!Thank you - she is truly the best organizer and stylist and worker I could have ever hoped for.  I was hesitant to have someone comehelp me figuring I should be able to do it myself but I had no idea what a gift this was to have her help.  She is amazing!!  I got very lucky.

Barb V.

I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for Marisa's amazing help these past 2 years.  After hearing me complain, repeatedly, that I had 'nothing to wear' and after observing how I dragged my feet about packing for any trip (due to the aforementioned 'nothing to wear'), my boyfriend surprised me with a Christmas present of a Stilista package with Marisa. I have always hated to shop (and thus rarely do so), and until 3 months ago I even refused to own a purse (until a friend recently forced a very small one upon me as a present).  I have historically eschewed wearing tight / fitting clothes.  In fact, I wasn't really even sure what my size was.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to try working with a Stylist, but, because I appreciated the gift, I decided to attempt to adjust my attitude.  I met with Marisa at Copley Place initially in the spring of 2013, for several hours each of two weekend days and then again in the summer of 2014 for a few more hours.   When we first met, she asked me all kinds of questions and seemed to grasp the essence of my various issues and hang-ups right away.  (In fact, somehow, she was able to diffuse my less-than-pleasant attitude pretty quickly.)  One key thing is that I am short, 5' 2.5", so I need petite sizing, esp for pants and skirts.  Marisa is an expert about petite women's clothing needs--she took me, for example, to Ann Taylor; this alone would have made the time with her invaluable--the Ann Taylor petite pants fit better than any pants I've ever owned, and I can now reliably buy more from them with confidence that they will fit.  Many of their petite skirts are also perfect fits.  She taught me about a couple other stores that have petites, and about some stores that at least have some xtra small sizes that can be used sometimes for petite women, including some stores like J Crew and Banana Republic that I would have previously thought were just for teenagers but she educated me otherwise.  On our first trip out, she taught me what my size actually was--bringing me smaller and then even smaller size clothes to try on, instead of the size number I suggested to her in the beginning.  She was decidedly firm and insistent about this, despite my initial protests, but it was eye opening.  She also taught me what size to look for a different stores (because of course the stores make it hard for us by not having a universal/consistent sizing) and how some stores don't have really small sizes at all.  Marisa makes the shopping trip remarkably efficient, going out to pick out clothes and other sizes that she suspects will work well for a client, while the client hustles in and out of clothes in the changing room.  She quickly engenders trust, in that the client senses she truly wants the client to look good and will let the client know if some outfit is not right or does not fit correctly.  Trying on clothes for her is actually far better than trying on clothes with family or friends or a significant other because Marisa is direct and blunt and not trying to please by going along with a client's pre-conceptions.  She is aware of a person's hang-ups, but she pushes, kindly but firmly, for the client to be braver and more open-minded and thus have a better look.   There were so many new concepts to learn--like the way that jeans are supposed to fit--I had never known that one is supposed to have to work oneself, physically, into designer jeans, to call them a good fit.  Of course, she was right--they look amazing and it is such a confidence rush to wear them.  I never ever would have considered myself someone who should wear what I call 'tight' or 'saran wrap' clothes (and what Marisa would correct me and call 'clothes that fit'), but she is right, and wearing some of the clothes that Marisa picked out has been such a confidence boost.  I feel good enough about myself in them that no external feedback is necessary, but the external feedback definitely happens anyway.  I remember the first time I wore a new knit top and 'skinny' jeans, both of which Marisa had picked out, to a concert with my boyfriend, and he kept looking over at me as we walked down the street to the show until he finally commented (in a very positive way), "I'm just not used to seeing you look like that!"  Then there is one outfit with a skirt, where I picked the skirt and she picked the accompanying top (which I never would have picked on my own), where I have literally had people not only look at me but actually move aside when I walk by wearing it.  And there is a dressy sleeveless top she picked out from Banana Republic that I never would have noticed or tried on, but it looks awesome on and is now one of my favorites because the neck line is unusual and very flattering.  She just seems to know what will look good-- trust her.   Now (although I still hate shopping) I know what size and color and fit I'm supposed to look for in clothing stores, to find what will be more flattering on me.  I can't say that I always buy things that are quite as form fitting as Marisa would likely suggest, but I can always hear her voice in my head, nudging me in the braver and right direction, and I'm a lot closer to that direction than I used to be.  Literally, when I am in a store, I'm thinking, or even saying out loud, "Marisa would say I should get . . . . "  or 'No, Marisa would say that is that is too loose . . . . '    I even recently bought a fairly form fitting red dress--on my own--that I think Marisa would likely approve of.  Now, when we travel, I pack quickly--I actually have clothes that I like to bring with us.  Marisa has quite literally changed my life and I am so grateful.

Sara K.

I wanted to tell you how much I think of Lauren. We had over three hours and her honesty , direction, and organizational abilities were exactly what I needed. I have shared her name with three friends. Beyond that, her personality fit mine and I look forward to more time with her.

Debbie C.

I am delighted with the results of my overall experience with Stilista, LLC from the inquiry process to my appointment and purchases with Marisa Meloski, Fashion Stylist. The customer service was outstanding. I felt valued with my goals, ideas, and concerns respected during each staff interaction. Marisa was terrific. She listened intently to capture the essence of my personal style and my habits. We shopped efficiently and effectively with her established relationships at some of the stores we selected together. I was very excited about my purchases; some which were new styles that I would have never considered. Marisa's "out of the box" thinking on how to best use the remainder of our shopping time when I shared that I had an exhausting day and was "shopped out" was fantastic. She offered several options to include some on-line research for needed casual items in my wardrobe. I highly recommend Stilista, LLC. The professionalism stands out from start to finish.  

Laura P.

Cory was amazing to work with! As a new mom I was struggling to find outfits that were easy, flattering, and stylish. Cory figured out the look that I was trying to achieve, took my personality into account, and did a great job of helping me find pieces that were both work and weekend (and baby!) appropriate, all while staying within my budget. I love my new clothes, and Cory gave me great advice on how to mix and match pieces to create many different outfits. The whole experience was really easy and fun-- thanks again Cory!

Jamie F.

  I recently had an initial consultation and wardrobe review with Marisa from Stilista, and I had such an overwhelmingly positive experience that I wanted to share it with everyone.  I had previously only paid cursory attention to my outfits and wardrobe. But, as a man transitioning from graduate school to the real world, I was beginning to see the importance and benefit of having well-fitting, handsome clothes in order to not only be comfortable, but also project professionalism, confidence and an element of style in both work and social settings. On the day of the appointment, Marisa came to my apartment and we started by going over a questionnaire that was extremely helpful in getting me to articulate where I currently am with respect to clothing and style, and what my goals were going forward. This was really comprehensive, and touched on topics like what brands I like, influences I have, what my day to day routine is like and how conservative or edgy I want to be. We then had a comprehensive assessment of all my clothes, accessories and shoes, with me trying on many of these items to show Marisa how they fit and looked on me. She helped me to immediately weed out shirts and pants that were ill-fitting, worn or really out of style and took stock of everything I had.  Pretty soon after our session, Marisa sent me a summary and "shopping list". In it she gave overall guidelines (specific to me) to be used in putting outfits together and for future shopping. She also listed some staple clothing items that she recommended I add to my wardrobe at some point going forward, and gave overall tips such as matching socks to outfits and choosing the right style of shoe. I particularly found helpful her suggestions regarding dress-casual outfits that would work in a transition from a day at work to a night out, and her encouragement to consider new colors and patterns to express my youth but still be professional.  I would highly recommend working with Marisa and Stilista. It was a personalized, professional experience that was made very comfortable and low-key by Marisa. She is highly knowledgeable, definitely up on current style and fashion, and has a great personality that makes it easy to work with her. Her services are not just for "fashionistas" but everyone, regardless of career, age and goals. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Tom D.

I signed up for the “Turn it Around” package and worked with Marisa. I had a great experience with her. During her initial visit, she talked to me about my wardrobe goals. We went through my closet to help me put outfits together using existing pieces. She made me try on a lot of my clothes and showed me how they should fit, how they should be altered, and identified unflattering items that needed to be discarded. After our initial meeting, she put together a comprehensive list of items that I would want to add to my closet, and we discussed a budget for our shopping trip so she could identify appropriate stores.  Marisa brought her colleague Lauren as well for our shopping trip. Both of them were extremely helpful. They asked me to pick out items that I was drawn to, while they picked out clothing that might look flattering on me. I tried on – and bought – items that I would never have considered before. Marisa explained to me how the clothes I was trying on should fit and what size I should be wearing. It was a very helpful lesson. I do wish I had been able to use some of my shopping time to learn to accessorize with jewelry, shoes and create outfits for social outings. I think another session in the future could tackle that. I came home with many solid pieces from stores that I typically shop at, and identified brands that I should be looking as well. I wasn’t pressured into buying anything that I didn’t really want. She helped me update my look in a way that doesn’t seem too drastic. I am very comfortable in my new clothes and have gotten many compliments!  Since then, I have been shopping on my own and am much more discerning on what I buy. I make sure they fit me well and accentuate my features. I feel much more confident in my appearance and feel a little more stylish! I cannot wait to have another follow-up session in a few months!

Gowri M.

What a fabulous service and one that I am raving about to all my friends!  My husband purchased the compete package for me--consult, closet revamp and shopping--as a Christmas present.  I have to say this was the best present ever!  I was a little nervous at first  because I realized I had gotten stuck in a rut--shopping at the same stores and buying the same types of clothes.  Letting someone go through your closet and critique your wardrobe can be a little intimidating, but right from the start, Maria made me feel so comfortable that I felt I was talking with one of my girlfriends.  After getting to know about my style preferences, Maria and I went through my clothes.   While I did end up cleaning out a lot of clothes that were either out of style or not right for my body type, Maria also showed me how to put together some different outfits using what I already owned.  She even took pictures on my cell phone so I could remember some of them later (the many ideas and outfits all started to blur together!).   Maria put together a list of essentials and three days later we went shopping.  Believe it or not, I usually do not enjoy shopping that much, but with Maria it was actually fun!  She was so organized that we were able to get everything on the list with time to spare!  Maria's eye for size and color combinations was spot on every time and there were very few items that didn't make the YES pile.   I just love my new stylish clothes and accessories, and the compliments I have been receiving make me wish I had done this a lot sooner.  Maria, thank you so much! 

Nancy A.

Maria, thanks for your service. Nancy really enjoyed this present. She told me it was the best present ever. We recently went out to dinner and she looked beautiful and stylish in her new outfit.

Bob A.

Shana is the best! She's organized and does good planning. She was able to quickly and completely figure out an appropriate wardrobe for my lifestyle, which can be pretty confusing as a PhD student. Her personal style is super cool but she is excellent at shopping for a consistent, different style. We got some great basics but also some more interesting new items that I like a lot. She suggested some things that I thought were kind of zany - like a puffy hoody for layering - but it turns out to be so useful in the cold Boston winter already! She's so speedy at going through racks and stores and picking the right sizes. And she absolutely figured my budget out and stayed on top of only showing me price appropriate options. I'm home for the holidays and have gotten a whole bunch of compliments from family and friends about how I look grown up, or taller, or stylish, or just good! Finally she's been sending me the most useful info about tights, shirt tucking, taking care of jeans and sweaters... it's been great. On top of all of this she's super friendly and kind. Anyway, I highly recommend Shana for customers like me! I have really enjoyed working with her.

Alison O.

A very long overdue….great big thank you!  My experience with your expertise, communication, and insight for a look that suits me was right on!  The closet overhaul was my favorite as I learned a lot from you that gave me more confidence in shopping for myself! Cheers & well wishes to you.

Kelly-Ann M.

Maria, thank you for the shopping trip on Monday.  Your advice was great and I'm loving my stuff.  I hope I have the opportunity to do it again. 

Katie T.

My shopping trip with Sonya exceeded all of my expectations. It was nothing short of life changing. Even just wearing my own clothing differently based on Sonya's feedback is creating such a change in me. People are really noticing! I've already been shopping again myself, and I now know what to look for. It's a joy and no longer drudgery. I was honestly so nervous before the trip because my previous experience with people into fashion has been somewhat negative, but Sonya immediately put me at ease and helped me feel safe and open to change. I was able to jump into the process with enthusiasm and without self-judgment. I could not have done that without her. She was a total pro and such a lovely person. I'm so grateful for this experience. I've been talking about my trip with Sonya and Stilista nonstop to my sister Smithies here. Thank you for making this possible for me. This first trip was just the beginning. I'll be back in touch. 

Julia P.

My husband purchased me a wardrobe re-vamp session as a gift and I was fortunate to work with Marisa.   While making the transition from my teens/20s to 30, and from a student/trainee to a full-time professional, my wardrobe and shopping skills have not kept up!  In a very gentle and friendly (but also firm and experienced!) way, Marisa helped me rid my closet of all of the things that should have been donated or thrown away years ago.  After spending a shopping session with Marisa, I am now more confident and excited to shop for clothing (and accessories) and have received many compliments from my friends and family while touting the outfits that Marisa and I bought together.  I’m more confident in how I look and how I present myself at work.  Marissa left me with a shopping list of items that I could still benefit from and specific ideas for where I could look.  I feel more confident that I’m making worthwhile purchases that work for my body type and my newly found style.  Thank you Stilista and Marisa!  

Jessica Z.

I did the "Turn it Around" package with Gilda - a consult, 3 hours wardrobe sweep and 3 hours shopping.  I felt like I was with a friend- Gilda had a non-judgmental, comfortable approach yet she was professional and courteous. She understood and accepted what I wanted out of the experience and tried her best to cater to that as well as provide her professional opinion. She respected if I didn't like something that she liked, and we discarded it immediately.  She spent longer with me during the shopping trip than we had originally planned for since we hadn't accomplished as much as she had hoped due to the store I wanted to shop at first not having the prices I wanted. I appreciated her fairness in trying to get me the best with my time with her service. She took an hour of the shopping time to stock a fitting room for me so that when I came in it was ready for me to try everything on. She helped me get some "staples" that made a big difference in my wardrobe and most of all I learned tips so that even before we went shopping (after the wardrobe sweep), I had parameters I got from her that improved my look even with what I already had. When I go shopping now, I pretend Gilda is with me and what she would say, because I came to really value her opinion and trust her judgement in style. Even after we finished with our package, she was open to me emailing her photos of what we bought as I try the new stuff and ask her her opinion. I appreciate how I don't feel like "just another customer" . She showed me how to use the same set of clothes for winter, summer, work,and out of work with slight modifications. She made me realize that it'll benefit me to have a more grown up age appropriate look. I had a tight budget so it was a challenge and she worked with that.  I recommend her and Stilista to anyone.

Veena M.

Upon arriving for the shopping trip with Stephanie, I figured it was going to be really awkward and I’m happy to say I was wrong.I enjoyed myself, I liked the clothes that I bought, and I’m comfortable wearing them. I didn’t feel pressured to say I liked anything I didn’t and I wasn’t told to go anywhere I didn’t want to. I had a good time, the clothes have helped me make a good impression (one of the people I work with said “Aleka always wears such nice shirts” which is new), and I look forward to going on another shopping trip in the fall.

Aleka A.

I found Stilista on Yelp, and I am so happy I did.  I've never been a big fan of shopping, and I am definitely not organized when it comes to my clothes.  To get ready for Spring/Summer, I did a 3 hour session with Jenna, and we went through my closet and she helped me get organized and  determine what I should keep, replace or donate.  Within a couple days, she sent me a comprehensive list of the things that we talked about as well as a shopping list to help me focus on future shopping trips.  It has been a tremendous help, and I've definitely gotten more confident with putting together looks for work and for fun, and knowing what looks good on me. I hope to have her back to help me go through all of my new additions to my closet as well as get me ready for the fall/winter. Highly recommended!

Stacey S.

My experience with Marisa was freeing. That is the word I have used to explain to all my friends and family (and strangers too!). Her ability to assess my lifestyle, body type, and design sensibilities was fast and accurate. The cleaning out of my closet was decisive, honest (yup, sometimes we need to be reminded how quickly 10 years passes!), and encouraging (wow, yes, that oldie but goodie has some life left). Our shopping excursion was the same. Marisa left me with a much slimmer closet yet dozens more options by choosing the right things for my daily life, coordinates, staples and a couple accessories I would surely have overlooked.

Lynda P.

I had my shopping outing with Stephanie on Saturday and just wanted to say thanks. Stephanie was a total trooper during my wardrobe consult when the fire alarm in my building went off and stayed on for nearly an hour - she didn't let it slow her down at all. She was AMAZING at finding me outfits for my upcoming wedding events, bachelorette party and honeymoon on our shopping trip. I normally get overwhelmed and panic when I walk into stores but Stephanie made it so easy. I am thrilled with the outfits we found - they were really what I was looking for and just far enough outside my comfort zone that I feel great, but still like myself. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

Paige G.

My son wanted to get into modeling. After meeting with the head of a top rated modeling agency in Boston, we were told to get ten outfits for the photo shoot. When I told the director I didn’t know what was in style to purchase for my son’s photo shoot he recommended copying the mannequins in the men’s clothing departments... My wife volunteered [to help] but I was reluctant to let her do it. She loves to shop, but did not convince me she could pin point the styles of today’s youth. So I looked up some fashion consultants in Boston. One of the top agencies I found in the city was ‘Stilista’. I liked the web site, and they had pictures of the stylists. One of the first stylists was Marisa Meloski. She just had a confidence about her, and luckily they assigned her to work with my son. From the first appointment I knew that Marisa was good at what she did. She explained what we needed to focus on, but she also asked my son what styles he liked, and what he was comfortable with. She detailed some style options and asked him which ones he thought would look good. Marisa told us what she planned to do for us, where to go and how long it would take. She sort of wrapped it all up in a package that made me feel like we had a blueprint of how to get this done. She gave me confidence and I could tell my son John liked working with her. She hit on his likes and dislikes and included him in all the planning. Marisa gave John some homework. He got excited when she told him to check out models attitudes when they model both casual and formal clothes. I think he started to see that this was going to be a lot of fun. It still surprised us how well Marisa put different outfits together for John. Even the scarf which he didn’t want to wear came out looking great. In a short period of time Marisa had put together the ten outfits we needed for the photo shoot. She took charge of everything which was a great relief for me... We were now ready for the big day. Marisa [also] offered to come to the photo shoot and help John through the whole ordeal. This was a great relief for us because after working with her we saw what a professional she was. Now I really felt that this would give John the best opportunity to get the most out of the whole event. After all the whole thing would depend on how well John would come out in the photos. With Marisa there for us we all felt a lot more comfortable and we had a great day. I just want to thank Stilista and Marisa Meloski for her hard work. I was able to rely on her and it saved the day.

Larry P.

I received a Stilista gift certificate as a birthday gift. My stylist was Stephanie Jones. I have never worked with a stylist before and was not sure what to expect, but Stephanie guided me through the process with ease and professionalism. During the closet analysis, she showed me which pieces worked together, which ones did not, and wrote down a list of clothes I was missing (turns out I was missing a lot of basics!) Our shopping trip was the exact opposite of my usual aimless and disappointing shopping experience. Stephanie brought me exactly the pieces I needed in my wardrobe and helped me evaluate which ones worked for me and my lifestyle. In just an hour and a half we picked out more outfits than I would have found in an entire year! I ended up buying and wearing most of them, and I get many compliments on both the new things and the new ways to wear my existing clothes. What a great experience!

Kate S.

I was given a Stilista package as a Christmas gift from my husband.  I had recently returned to the work force, and he knew that I needed new clothes that would be appropriate for the work place.  Marisa went through my wardrobe, which was a very eye-opening experience.  She explained what we should keep and what we should discard (and the reasons behind it).  Marisa and I went shopping three times (twice for Fall and once for Spring).  She explained what we were looking for and why.  I absolutely love the clothes that we bought together.  Marisa is very professional, and also fun to shop with.  Thank you, Marisa!!

Kim C.

My husband purchased the Deluxe Wardrobe Re-vamp with Marisa as a gift for me. I am petite and curvy and have always had a difficult time buying clothes, especially bottoms, that fit properly. As a result, I had a closet full of old, dated, worn out clothes. Marisa listened to my goals and helped me purge my closet of unflattering, dated, tired clothes. I actually had fun on our shopping trip together, which is revolutionary for me! I had grown to hate shopping as I didn't know what styles to look for that would fit and compliment my figure without looking frumpy. Our shopping trip was fun, and enormously efficient - not a moment wasted. I felt confident enough to shop on my own afterward, keeping in mind the styles Marisa pointed out that would most flatter my shape. Our second shopping trip was even better, and I ended up with 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit! I now have a closet full of clothes that fit and are flattering, while updating my style. Marisa helped me move out of my comfort zone with some styles and colors that I never would have thought to try on my own, while still looking like me. I plan to hire Marisa again to update next season's wardrobe as well. I highly recommend Marisa.

Laura F.

I would first like to say for me it was not easy to come out of my shell and seek fashion advice. I am a small business owner for a very young company. As the head of the business the main thing for me was to always present myself in a proper way when I meet with potential customers. How you present yourself and what you wear has a great effect on how people view you and your company - the two go hand in hand. If you go into a meeting looking clean and sharp rather then dirty and grimy it may get give you the upper hand in getting the job. For my personal experience, I am not a very tall person and its hard to find clothes that fit me. I am smaller with an athletic build. I could never get a perfect fit. Marisa sat down with me and really got to know who I was as a person and what my goals were with my business. She went through my wardrobe and got a sense of my style to figure out what we would shop for on our trip. On our shopping trip (which I was kind of nervous about) she made me feel very comfortable and was very honest about what types of clothing "would work" for me. (i.e. make me look taller). The trip was a huge success and I ended up with some stylish new items for my wardrobe. Marisa was very personable and gave me some great fashion tips. She even helped me pick out a pair of sunglasses that worked well with my face type. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to update their wardrobe for personal and or business attire. I will definitely use Marisa and Stilista Boston again!

Ed M.

After yet another morning of looking at a closet crammed full ofclothing but with nothing to wear, I decided to follow up on afriend's recommendation to call Marisa.  I had met Marisa before andadmired her casual, cool appearance and hoped she could help me createa look true to my personality and lifestyle.   During our three hourcloset clean out session, my main goals were to do a better job ofwearing what I already own, to identify the gaps so that I could shopwith a purpose the next time around, and to get rid of what was nolonger working.  With a clear point of view and a fashionablydiplomatic approach, Marisa was hugely helpful in all respects.  Shelaid out and photographed several unexpected clothing combinations Inever would've dreamed up, created piles to consign and tailor, andlater sent me a detailed wardrobe wish list.  I had a great time andhope to work with Marisa again soon (and possibly convince my husbandto do the same!).

Emily G.

Marisa was amazing! She spent a couple of hours in my closet, helping me get rid of the stuff that was out-of-date or didn't fit well. We went through my clothes - but also shoes, pocketbooks, jewelry, coats, etc.. She showed me how to combine things I had so they'd work well together. She then got me a list of items I needed, including hints on how to buy, for example, jeans or shirts. We spent 3 hours shopping and I ended up with great clothes that work well with the rest of my wardrobe. I even ended up with great jeans -- and I never can find jeans that fit right! I can't recommend Marisa enough!

Beth S.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about the entire process at first. However, Marisa made me feel at ease from the very start! She took the time to get to know me and my goals for the appointment before even beginning the process. Marisa was incredibly patient with me and made sure I understood why certain styles/looks would not look good on my body type. When we went shopping, Marisa was wonderful at choosing clothing that would fit well, look good, and be appropriate for my job. Plus all the clothing made me look professional without making me look too old! As I go out shopping on my own now, I keep Marisa's advice in mind and continue to find cute clothes that I know she'd approve of. The experience from start to finish was incredible and I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to revamp their wardrobe.

Sandy S.

I had a wonderful experience with Marisa.  She is very approachable and immediately put me at ease with her demeanor and expertise.  Marisa helped me to reinvigorate my wardrobe with new looks without losing my own sense of personal style.  She also helped me to figure out the right cuts and sizes for my body and encouraged me to try new styles which I now love.  Marisa is an invaluable asset for any shopping spree!

Emily B.

I adore fashion, and have always enjoyed keeping up with the latest styles and trends.  After having a baby, it felt as though fashion did not love me the way it used to.  Nothing fit the same and I felt lost in my new body.  The Style Me Rotten package was the perfect gift from my husband, leaving lasting memories and a new wardrobe perfect for a fashionista mom - fashionable yet functional!  Stilista paired me with Jennifer as my personal stylist, and she was a perfect match!  Not only did she take into consideration my fashion preferences, but she used them to direct me to styles that I would not have picked for myself, but looked great, accentuating my body in all the right places!  I was educated on trends, do's and don'ts, and learned how to mix and match to create unique outfits within my existing wardrobe.  I went home feeling rejuvenated, and could not wait to show off my new style.  Jennifer renewed my confidence, and spiced up my style to reflect how I felt on the inside.  I look forward to more shopping adventures, and using Jennifer's expertise to guide me through future purchases!  Thank you for a revitalizing experience!

Rachael H.

I contacted Stilista|Boston when I became overwhelmed with having nothing to wear and having no success shopping on my own.  I knew I would need to spend some serious time learning about what looked good on me, how to put together and outfit, and how to know when to buy and when to pass even if the sales person said it was perfect. I had not been able to make time for this kind of research on top of the time I would need to spend shopping. The "turn it around" package sounded like a great fit, but it also seemed a bit decadent. I was worried about how much I would spend shopping.  Within the first hour of our shopping trip I was gushing to Marisa about how worthwhile I found the experience!  In just a few hours I had plenty of great things to wear, understood how to mix and match, and trusted Marisa would not send me out into the world looking ridiculous.  Letting her decide if something look good on me took a tremendous amount of pressure off of shopping.  Shopping with Marisa was painless and fast.   My goal was to improve my wardrobe quickly and without much stress, plus receive some help with how to dress for work days that include a variety of situations.  I am very pleased that my expectations were met and now I have plenty to wear, no guilt about needing to shop, and all the extra time saved compared to me trying to do this alone

Kerry S.

As a busy professional and mother of two active children, I often placedtaking care of myself at the bottom of the list. After many times ofdumping the contents of my closet on to my bed in order to find a outfitfor work, my husband surprised me with a session with Marisa to go throughmy closet and figure out which items to keep and which items were missingfrom my existing wardrobe. Marisa made this process so easy. We talkedthrough my style preferences and she effortlessly weeded through my closetproviding helpful hints as to what styles work best with my size.Afterwards, Marisa created a shopping list and navigated me through twoshopping sessions to get a number of items on the list. I realized throughthis process that I was buying clothes that were too big for my frame.Marisa patiently helped me pull together a work wardrobe that wasconservative and traditional to suit my work environment but still looksfresh and current. I have worn every item that was purchased during theseshopping trips and did not return any items. Now dressing for work couldnot be any easier! I look forward to working with Marisa again in thespring to shop for spring and summer styles. Thank you!

Tara A.

I have always thought of myself as a fairly stylish person, that is until I met Marisa!  We discussed my lifestyle, the 'look' I want to achieved and she didn't disappoints.  She let me shine instead of the fashion while transforming my professional and personal styles:  from preppy predictable to classic chic with a twist! I look forward to our twice a year shopping adventures and will never again go without her professional guidances. 

Joy C.

I found stilista on a search, and it looked like exactly what I was looking for. I did the low-maintenance chic package. I got assigned to Marisa, and she was wonderful! She was friendly, encouraging, and "got it" when I told her my goals and tastes. At the same time, she challenged me to try some things I wouldn't normally try, step out of my comfort zone a bit.  I look at clothes differently now when I go shopping...I have stopped buying tops that are too loose or boxy, and been more conscious of trying to find separates that go with each other. And also paying more attention to how people I know, who are well put-together, do this. It was definitely a great experience for me!

Sue H.

I was in desperate need of a closet makeover and Stilista was just the solution I was looking for! During my closet evaluation, Marisa helped me sort through my closet - putting together outfits and getting rid of worn out and dated items, and I was surprised to learn that I was wearing the wrong size in a number of things. After going through my closet and putting together a shopping list, my shopping trip with Marisa was very helpful and efficient.  She picked out pieces that complimented what I already had in my closet and put together all new outfits.  I love everything I have in my closet today, especially the new additions, and look forward to shopping with Marisa again. I would highly recommend Stilista and Marisa!

Maggie N.

My boyfriend got me this gift for my birthday, and it was great!  I worked with Aja, whom I chose because her profile mentioned finding great options in consignment shops.  I'm kind of like a guy about clothes -- I don't want to have to think about it so I usually just wear a button down and jeans.  We went through my whole wardrobe and got rid of...almost all my pants!  Because they just didn't fit (all too baggy).  My challenge for Aja was (1) I needed clothes that weren't button down + jeans but that I didn't have to think about, and (2) I wanted to buy everything from consignment/thrift shops (to avoid sweat shops).  Going shopping with Aja was great -- she picked out a ton of things I would never have imagined myself in, and all of them easy to pair with things I already owned.  And while we were shopping, we ran across a dress that looked pretty great on me...but was over $100.  I was hesitant (only because that's far above average for consigment shops), but Aja explained to me that the designer, Diane von Ferstenberg, is pretty famous and makes great stuff.  (I know nothing about brands.)  So I got it -- and it does look & feel pretty amazing.I highly recommend this service!

Anna C.

It’s been so great working with you, [Maria], and I have learned so much about fashion, dressing, and good brands.  You know how much work I’ve put into the process!  Every day when I get dressed and have choices about what to wear and feel appropriately dressed in all of them, I know it was all worth it.  My husband is looking mighty handsome and well-dressed himself, and he gets tons of compliments at work. It will be fantastic to have all of his suits at home as well, soon!

Valerie B.

Such a great experience with [Marisa]! Great pick for makeup help, as I feel I can actually pull off what was shown. That was truly the best makeup learning experience I've had... A look and style for myself is starting to codify which is very exciting!


I recently had Jenna as my personal stylist through Stilista. I had an ititial consult and it was followed with a shopping trip. Jenna was awesome. We got a lot done in a small amount of time. I needed a lot of help with stuff to wear on an everyday basis. Jenna helped me think outside the box and I got a lot of pieces that I would have never picked out on my own, but now they are my favorite pieces. She encouraged me to choose the right size jeans (I was buying bigger jeans for comfort). Together we bought jeans that actually fit me and they are still comfortable! I have gotten so many compliments on my new look from my boyfriend, friends, and family. I love having options in my closet that I actually wear. I used to buy clothes and never wear them, because I would get home and they just didn't work for me. I have worn every single piece that we bought together and I love them all. I feel so much more confident and I actually like getting ready to go places now! I definitely plan to use Jenna again this Spring for a new Spring wardrobe as well!!

Joanna B.

I highly recommend Marisa as a stylist!  One of the most valuable parts of my experience with Marisa was the initial evaluation.  She listened carefully to what my needs and concerns were, and very thoughtfully came up with a plan that really fit me.  The "shopping list" she put together not only benefitted me in the shopping we did together, but will be something I refer to every time I shop.  I expected that the hardest part would be going through my closet, but Marisa actually made the experience fun!  Once there was room in the closet, Marisa worked with me to rebuild my wardrobe.  She introduced me to new stores, new styles, and new colors.  She encouraged me to try things I might never have looked at, and not only did I love many of the new looks, I get more compliments than ever!  Thank you Marisa!

Felice S.

Working with Marisa Meloski was very helpful. I was in desperate need of assistance in finding the perfect outfit for my wedding day. I knew I did not want to wear a dress, but that was about all I knew. A client of mine referred me to Stilista and specifically Marisa Meloski. She saved me....she listened to my likes and dislikes regarding fashion and then called ahead to several different stores around Boston. There was no waiting, I was treated like a celebrity in each store and Marisa made it feel as though I knew her for years. It was not awkward and she gave me her honest opinion with each prospective outfit. I ended up with a great suit from HUGO BOSS and they altered it to fit me perfectly. Marisa took care of every detail...she also sent me some links to a variety of shoe options to finish off the look.I would highly recommend Marisa Moleski as a Stilista stylist.

Tara S.

What a significant impact Marisa had on my closet and my life! She helped me purge through 10 years of outdated and unworn clothes to pare my closet down to a few items that actually worked. Our shopping trip was a huge success. I could not have realized the same results on my own. In three hours she helped me assemble a spring/summer wardrobe that included every day basics, fun day into night outfits, and a couple special occasion dresses that I love. She gave me the tools to make dressing enjoyable again- helping me figure out what sizing is best for me and opening my eyes to items I would normally pass over. I will definitely use Marisa again for future wardrobe needs!

Susan M.

I had my personal shopping experience the other day with Aja and I can’t say how impressed I was with here as a stylist and how enjoyable it was to work with her.  She has so much knowledge and I learned so much about fashion and style in the 2 hours I was with her, it was truly a great experience.  Shopping for me is usually a stressful experience not knowing what items to get or how to pair anything together, but with Aja’s expertise in this area and her charming personality it made for a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.  She not only was thoroughly prepared for our shopping excursion but also followed up with exact details and style combinations for the specific items I purchased which I can’t say enough how much this helped me.  I will definitely request Aja’s services going forward in the future, and would not want to work with anyone else.

Doug G.

I was a little nervous when I received a gift certificate from my husband, for a ‘Turn it around’ wardrobe revamp by Stilista. I think he wanted to save me from looking in the closet and never knowing what to put together to avoid the formula I had become accustomed to. I had gained weight and started to dress down to try and hide it an he also knew that my new job demanded a little up-tick on the professional look. I set up the appointment for the wardrobe review and then worried all week about someone coming to examine my closet – I shouldn’t have. Aja arrived and immediately made me feel comfortable explaining my challenges and style preferences. We spent what seemed like a really long time going through my existing wardrobe with Aja making careful notes on pieces I had and those I needed to complete looks. She was patient and understanding explaining how to look at my clothes in a whole new light. We set a time to shop and she provided a comprehensive list of reminders for the style tips I had learnt as well as the specific pieces I needed. I never thought we could get even half of the list completed in the shopping trip and was conscious that three hours was probably longer than I had ever shopped for myself before. We met in Natick where she already had some shoes selected to start my journey. Once they were purchased we went for a bra fitting (apparently long overdue as I had been wearing the wrong size for some time and she had seen this as she insisted on this before we tried the clothes). While the fitting was done she collected options to try for each item on the list and very soon we had a great selection of purchases.  Aja made me realize the store and designer options I’d never considered really could work for my size and even thrilled me with the fact that I needed a smaller size in some things! The shopping trip was very efficient, it was wonderful to have Aja working to make me look great, and really understand why the pieces worked for me! It really gave me back the confidence that has been missing for a while. I’m thrilled with my new clothes, and my new found knowledge. I’d recommend Aja, and the services of Stilista to anyone who wants or needs any sort of fashion advice, and am deeply appreciative of the experience.   

Sandy A.

I recently had the opportunity to go on a shopping trip with Marisa and it changed my entire view on shopping. I have always been the type of person that wears dress pants and a sweater to work because it was appropriate and comfortable but most of all because I would get frustrated with trying to put outfits together that I would always resort back to my comfort zone. Marisa really opened my eyes to color and matching different patterns and styles together. She even had me comfortable in a skirt, which never happens! The trip made me confident in shopping and excited to do it again. I look forward now to finding pieces that I can match with different outfits! I highly recommend a consultation and shopping trip with Marisa for anyone that needs to break out of their shell and discover the world of fashion! She listens to what you like and don’t like, helps you find the correct sizes in clothes and opens your eyes to the fashion world, and even breaks it down for novices like myself. She will give you tips and advice to work on while shopping by yourself or with friends and even recommended some good magazines for ideas! I am already looking to book another trip with Marisa and recommend others do the same! You will be amazed with the world of fashion that you are opened up to! Thank you again!

Jessica M.

Maria, it was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for all of your help! When I went to get dressed this morning, my closet and drawers were easy to navigate and your outfit ideas were fresh in my mind. I can’t wait to get some new pieces to help bring all of your advice to life.  

Katie D.

Hi Maria, I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a great day today.It has been a pleasure to work with you and I have certainly picked up some great tips through our discussion and shopping trip today. Fit will surely play a greater role in my selection going forward and I will secure the services of a good tailor in Sydney. I have been able to extend my wardrobe quickly through the experience and have a lot more solid pieces to work with and bring some new color into the mix. I wish you all the very best. Thank you again!!


My wardrobe re-vamp with Jenn was just what I needed! Jenn was a tremendous resource throughout the entire process. From our first meeting through our shopping trip, she listened carefully and knew when to encourage me and when to push me outside of my fashion comfort zone. I ended up with a fabulous new wardrobe and more importantly the confidence and knowledge to make stylish choices every day. Overall, it was a great experience and I highly recommend both Stilista and Jenn! 

Jerilyn M.

I absolutely loved shopping with [Marisa], I had a really fun afternoon and it exceeded all my expectations. My favorite pieces were the skirts and dresses from J. Crew, I've been able to mix them up with other pieces to create different looks. I didn't return or exchange anything. My friends and coworkers have definitely noticed, I'm complimented regularly now on my wardrobe. I've been more comfortable shopping and trying new looks, shopping with Marisa gave me the 'foundation' to continue building my wardrobe.  So thank you and next time I'm in Boston I will be back to see you!

Sara L.

Marisa made one of my least favorite tasks – shopping for jeans – easy, fast, and fun. After many years wasting time and money on buying the wrong jeans, I needed to some help. Marisa is a seasoned professional. Before we met she asked a series of questions to understand exactly what I was looking for. When appointment day came, she met me at the store, walked me to an enormous selection of denim and immediately began putting together piles of possibilities: one pile of skinny, one pile of straight leg. Marisa answered questions, changed out sizes, and made suggestions on fit and possible alterations. She knew which brands run big, which run small, and which have the best, longest lasting color. In just over an hour – yes, an hour! – I had found three – yes, three! - pairs of jeans that I truly adored. This same task would’ve taken me an entire day, at least a few tears, and I probably still would’ve made all the wrong choices. Needless to say, reaching out for Marisa’s help was a great investment! She saved me time and money that I otherwise would’ve wasted. This lady knows what looks good.

Celeste M.

When Marisa Meloski came to be my stylist for the day, I was really excited and nervous. I didn't know what type of things she would pick out for me. She gave me great fashion advice and helped pick great clothes. I am wearing every single piece of clothing today. It was so much fun to do this, and I found some clothing that I myself would never find. My favorite piece of clothing was a shirt I got from Free People: a maroon-colored long sleeve shirt and the neck bunches up like a scarf. I also enjoy all of my other new clothes, so it is really hard to pick a favorite. Marissa was very kind to me, and she took information about what I like and fit it to my personality. I really am not like a normal 14-year old, when i am shopping I tend to hate it and get frusted, but shopping with Marisa made it really fun. I will probably enjoy shopping more because i now know what to look for. I thought the stylist experience was awesome.

Nettie L.

I’ve always taken pride in finding that perfect outfit for my wife, but a few years ago I discovered that I had store credit in all of the boutiques in a 30 mile radius of home.  Something had changed and I realized I needed help.  I contacted Stilista and began to work with Maria.  She followed up with an amazing consultation with my wife who now has a new wardrobe, acquired incrementally and affordably over several years.  Stilista has become my source of hot tips for great presents.  I wonder if Maria was a therapist in a previous career.  Her sensitive approach and her deep insight go well beyond simply finding shopping solutions.  She listens carefully, gently helping her clients discover exciting new options that fit who they are now as well as helping them pick the clothes for a future that is still unfolding.

John L.

The closet analysis with Kacy was incredibly helpful, and I'm feelingmore confident about my wardrobe already. I'm also re-energized aboutshopping for some new pieces, which is saying a lot, since I typicallyhate shopping! Working with Kacy was really the jumpstart I needed toget my wardrobe under control and to feel better about what I'mwearing

Sara B.

Jennifer is great!  She's very personable and took time to learn about my preferences and budget before we even started going through my closet.  I came through the experience with a much better idea about the style of slacks that fit me best and some great "rules of thumb" for colors and the follow-up list of clothes ideas included websites where I could buy them. Great experience and thanks to my daughters for the great gift.

Barbara V.

Marisa - please accept my apologies for my belated thank you and praise for your absolutely OUTSTANDING wardrobe assistance last autumn. I needed clothing for a professional meeting at which I was making several presentations and had nothing suitable that fit me in my wardrobe. In short order, you identified eight or so GREAT pieces that were absolutely perfect not only for the meeting but also for my work wardrobe. I cannot count the compliments I have received when wearing the outfits you selected for me and this includes having strangers come up to me in the hallways of my hospital to tell me how great I look. Wow! I will be back many times. Your efficiency and talent are greatly appreciated!

Clair B.

Maria, thank you so much for your help today. You worked tirelessly to create a great new wardrobe for me. I came home, tried things on and was nearly in tears with happiness--the clothes are beautiful and even make me look taller! Really, you provide an invaluable service, and you are very skilled at your job. Again, thank you so much for your help today. I am sure I will be calling on you again!

Melissa M.

Marisa is very professional, well-organized, and stylish.  She helped me craft a game-plan to strategically shop for classic clothing with a twist that suited my needs as a mother of two young children and a part-time designer.  She went through my closet piece by piece so we could keep items that were still working for me and donate items that were no longer suiting my lifestyle.  She helped me focus on investing more in pieces that I wear every day while reducing my tendency to impulse buy fun pieces or accessories or sale items that usually end up hanging in the closet unworn or unused.  I'm already thrilled with some of my recent purchases.  She's very responsive by email and knows her stuff!  I highly recommend her!

Erin L.

I have never enjoyed shopping.  Many hours have been spent walking through stores with no clue what to buy.  I usually end up with nothing or give in and end up buying things I don’t really like.  I am always jealous of my more stylish friends and coworkers.  It baffles me how they seem to effortlessly put together outfits.  Finally I had enough and decided to contact Stilista.  I purchased the Wardrobe Re-Vamp package.  Marisa came to my house for the initial evaluation and wardrobe analysis.  She listened to what I was looking for and asked me a bunch of questions to get an idea of what I needed.  We went through my closet and she made helpful suggestions of what I could do with the pieces I already had.  A few weeks later we went shopping.  I find it hard to even put in words how much better shopping is with Marisa.  I think I actually had fun and that is not something I ever say about shopping.  From our previous conversation she knew exactly what my style was and found some great things that I would never have found myself.  One of the most difficult things for me to find is work pants.  I could never find pants that fit right.  Yet, Marisa knew exactly what pants I should try.  It also turned out that I needed to go down a size.  I am so happy with the pants I bought.  It is so nice having pants that actually fit right!  She also helped me create outfits and explained how I could use my purchases with clothes I already had in my closet.  Marisa really listened to my concerns and what I wanted and somehow made it happen.  I am so happy I contacted Stilista.  I have gotten tons of compliments on my outfits.  She really made shopping enjoyable for me.  I highly recommend Marisa.  She is wonderful at her job.  I can’t wait until I can go shopping with her again.   Thank you so much Stilista and Marisa!! 

Lindsay B.

I have never enjoyed shopping - unlike all my other female friends!  So of course, this also means that I have not cultivated a very useful or enjoyable wardrobe.  After a few promotions, and at my husband's urging, I invested in a personal shopping package with Marisa at Stilista.  I was apprehensive at first- but she was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Before selecting which package was best for me, and which stylist was a good fit, Marisa visited and reveiwed my closet - helping to determine what I was missing, get a feel for what I liked and didn't about my current wardrobe, and the basics of my lifestyle and needs.  I purchased two shopping trips with her - one for srping/summer and one for winter/fall.  She was really prepared, and it was the most productive time I've ever spent shopping.  I came away with a wardrobe I actualy love and is much better suited to my needs.  The few hours I spent with her has changed the way I view shopping and dressing and I can't recommend her highly enough!


I received a session with Stilista as a gift for my birthday in the spring, but I put off scheduling my appointment for a few months.  I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive - I have never been fond of shopping, and the idea of three straight hours of shopping was intimidating.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, by my session with Marisa.  Marisa quickly helped me feel comfortable and by the time our appointment was over, I was wishing that we had more time together and that I had scheduled the session sooner.  Beyond picking out items that I never would have considered (and ended up really liking), Marisa helped me understand the way that clothes should fit, particularly pants.  Even after just three hours together, I feel a lot more confident about shopping for myself and picking out items that fit my body appropriately.  The session felt comfortable and professional, and I find myself only wearing clothes bought during our shopping trip, or a few things I picked up on my own afterwards.   


Marisa from Stilista dramatically changed the way I view fashion and dress. I now wear a more trimming look from a more flattering palate. I was so pleased with the experience that I recommended her to a friend who also now benefits from Marlisa's fashion advice and expertise.

Camille D.

I decided earlier this year to try out the Stilista Wardrobe Revamp Package, and was delighted with the results.  What was great about the whole Stilista approach was that there was really no pressure.  I was encouraged to pick what I liked but was also pointed in the right direction towards what would look good on me.   Marisa did a great job of helping to design a comprehensive wardrobe plan with a focus on updating my jeans and bringing some color in to my look. I have received tons of unprompted compliments on all my new clothes.  And on top of that I now feel like a more adventurous and savvy shopper when I go out on my own.  I definitely recommend that everyone try out the personal shopping experience and to give Stilista a call!

Carolyn S.

What a wonderful experience I had working with Marisa. After years of being a stay-at-mom, living in sweats and jeans, I needed help learning what looked good on me and what didn't work. Marisa took my sense of style and modernized it with a cool, professional look that was age appropriate. Not only did I look better, but I felt better about myself. I believe that this transformation gave me the confidence I needed to get back out into the working world and land the job that I have now.

Barbara W.

I can't say enough about Marisa's professionalism, her commitment to customer satisfaction and her deep knowledge and understanding of fashion and the buying process. Marisa spent several hours with me evaluating my current wardrobe/style, making some suggestions for changes, and creating a shopping plan. Her personal style is flawless, so I had complete confidence that she would help transform my style into something much more sophisticated. To be specific, I arrived for our shopping day at Saks in Boston where Marisa had already selected dozens of outfits and separates, as well as shoes and boots. When I walked into fitting room the selections were all hanging on a large rack just waiting for me. The fitting room was spacious and the mirrors were all positioned to show me exactly how I looked both front and back. Truly, I felt like a queen for a day. Everything Marisa chose for me fit beautifully. The styles and colors were perfect. I've worn every piece over and over and to this day, people compliment me; my friends are always trying to borrow my clothes! I would recommend Marisa to anyone. If you're looking to 'up you game' as it relates to your style, Marisa is the person for the job. Don't hesitate. It will be the best investment you've ever made in yourself and your personal style.

Denise K.

Let's face it - your body changes after 50. Try as I might to fight it, I found that my clothes were just not right anymore. I found Marisa on a google search and was intrigued enough to call and meet up. We decided to start with a quick, affordable review. This was enough for me - at least for the time being. However, my wife hired her for a complete wardrobe makeover. What a huge difference it made. Now we can go out without 'I don't have anything to wear'. THe work also gave her a new professional look that helped in her business. If you're on the fence, I strongly advise giving her a try - she's really great

Doug B.

Marisa is a talented stylist and lovely to work with.

Daina S.

I wanted to thank Jessica for our time together on Saturday and Sunday.  It was fantastic working with her and the sessions far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did I come away with a cleaned out closet, a new wardrobe and some great outfits, more importantly, her positive coaching has given me a much clearer idea of what size I need to wear, what clothes and colors are flattering and how to pull things together more confidently.  These skills will last much longer than the clothes we purchased and I actually am looking forward to my next shopping trip as much as dropping off those 6 bags of clothes!  Thank you so much!

Michelle L.

I was a little intimidated about my shopping trip because I know nothing about fashion or what's trendy.  I've pretty much been wearing the same clothes for the past few years.  Marisa put me at ease right from the start and I I felt like she really understood what I was looking for.  I didn't have a specific list in mind of things I wanted to get, and yet when I left I felt like each item was exactly what I needed.  I love all the compliments I've been getting, and I'm so inspired I'm even going to go shopping again before another few years go by!

Suzanne P.

After having a child and finally getting back to the gym, my body was sufficiently different that most of my clothes no longer fit well.  I worked with Marisa to discard items I owned that no longer fit me and to fill my closet with clothes I love, that fit and flatter my body shape.  She was incredibly efficient and in one afternoon helped me buy items that are easy to mix and match, easy to take care of, and versatile enough to create both casual and dressy outfits.  Getting dressed each morning has become a fun activity and I have received lots of compliments on my new clothes.  I'm looking forward to our next shopping trip!

Alex M.

Marisa was very flexible with her scheduling, and was able to save a 2 hour chunk of time to help me coordinate ~8 outfits for my wedding weekend and honeymoon. I am usually terrible at thinking ahead with packing, choosing the right shoes and accessories, and getting away with a small suitcase.  Marisa helped sort through my current closet selections (not a lot of variety to start with) and enabled me to feel confident with my outfit selections for the weekend. She made do with what we had, was very pleasant about it, took my style into account, and was overall easy to work with and got the job done. I would recommend Marisa to other individuals in my situation!


I had a very very good experience with Marisa shopping for a new set of clothes.  As an attorney in downtown Boston, having grown up in rural Maine, I often felt uncomfortable and out of place and “country” in my clothes.  I was always buying clothes that were too big, or not quite right in other ways because I can’t stand shopping.  It is always a very uncomfortable experience.  Marissa was great to work with.  She set up a very clear plan of attack and everything that we had on our agenda we accomplished very efficiently and with good humor and I am now very very happy to have clothes that fit!  It was well worth it.  I plan on recommending her to my colleagues. 

Jason G.

As a guy, I definitely came into the experience with a significant amount of trepidation.   However, I was pretty quickly put at ease by Marissa.  We started by going through my closet and determining, which of my dated wardrobe was worth keeping.  Then we went shopping.   Honestly, in the past, I've always hated shopping - too many choices made decisions difficult and stressful.  Marissa simplified it for me, identifying many of the clothes beforehand.   Although we spent hours shopping, I actually enjoyed it for the first time.   Then we had a follow up where she reviewed all of the clothes we bought and matched them up for future reference.  The whole experience was fantastic and I definitely plan to get her help going forward.  

Dave Z.

Marisa - I have been meaning to email you since the day we went shopping - things have been crazy here. I had such a great time, and only wish I could have spent an entire day (or weekend) shopping with you! I went out the night after we shopped and wore my new Joes dark jeans (those were a great call - I wear them all the time!) with my leather jacket and the blue scarf we got at Madewell (another favorite - I have had lots of people coveting that one!) - I don't remember what top I wore that night, but when I opened the door, the first thing the babysitter said was "wow - you look cute!" my husband was also really happy with it all, and as I am sure I mentioned, he has a lot of opinions... you have helped me get over some of my body image issues, and have helped me realize that I can find flattering things for my body type; I just need to look for the right cuts and sizes!  I have worn and love most everything. I love the army green jacket - I think that is the sort of thing I will enjoy for many years. I had success at J Crew that day as well - I got two pairs of trim chinos and I ended up getting the flats in chestnut. I am so glad you suggested that; it's a color I wouldn't have thought to buy on my own, but it goes with everything, they are super comfortable and I have worn them a lot.  I really can't thank you enough for all of your help - you have helped me move in a new, much more positive direction. I no longer dread shopping (in fact, I feel like I am developing a bit of a problem wanting to shop all of the time now!) We went away this past weekend and it's the first time I can remember that I haven't struggled to figure out what to pack - I brought way too much stuff and was so happy with it all:) so, thank you again for all of your help! 

Christine G.

Maria, thank u much. It [Style Seeker w/ Wardrobe Analysis] was very helpful. I do have troubles parting with things. Could not have done it without you. Thank you for all the suggestions you've made, I found them very useful and definitely will follow. The follow up summary is just great and so helpful!

Elena B.

I called Stilista with a simple assertion: most guys are clueless when it comes to clothes shopping; I'm just one of the few that admits it. I'm job-hunting now and hope to re-join the professional workforce soon. My wardrobe was in terrible condition, though. Stilista's back-to-work package was perfect for me. The interview and wardrobe exam was comprehensive and the wish-list that my stylist created was really helpful. I think Stilista's packages are really great for people to get introduced to a stylist and the idea of shopping with someone who really knows what they're doing. Of course, I think it helps that I wound up with a pretty awesome stylist. Marisa has been very professional, very knowledgeable, and very friendly as well. She took me to several stores over the course of two shopping trips. Every time, we looked around and she would suggest something, ask my opinion, and then ask why I liked or disliked it. She picked up on my tastes very quickly. When I needed a bit of a nudge to break out of a pattern, she found very tactful ways to nudge me. I never felt pressured, though. One of the great parts about shopping with her was having someone who both knew the clothing industry well and was working on my behalf to find me the things I wanted - not necessarily what the store had on sale. I thought her taste in styling was excellent - she very quickly figured out the kinds of clothes that look good on me. We went shopping for shoes and sunglasses as well and the same comments apply. Our outfit-making session was well worth the time as she created a couple of dozen outfits and gave me some general guidelines about how to pair various tops and bottoms. Now I actually have enough clothes to go to work and look like a professional. My casual wardrobe is considerably boosted as well. I'm really, really happy with the result and I'm looking forward to shopping with Marisa in the fall - or maybe sooner!

Mark R.

I had the very good fortune to work with Marisa on my wardrobe who provided expert guidance on sorting my clothes.  One morning she spent several hours with me to tackle my closet.  First, she interviewed me about my clothing needs, issues, etc.  When I tried on clothes, in her kind way, she pointed out issues with particular items that soon found their way to the discard pile! Quickly and ably she defined important missing pieces and provided a comprehensive shopping list.  Prior to meeting her downtown, she pulled various pieces from the racks and had a dressing room full of clothes waiting for me to try on.  Throughout the experience, Marisa was totally professional and sensitive to my needs   I accomplished with Marisa in a short time what would have been a frustrating, drawn out process for me with out her expertise.  I moreover had great fun working with her.  She’s a total delight!

Barbara P.

I was a bit nervous about my shopping trip, because I've never found buying clothes to be particularly enjoyable.  I tend to make a beeline into a store, grab what I think I need (usually in the wrong sizes/not particularly fashionable) and then make my exit as soon as possible.  With Marisa, my experience was transformed.  She has a fantastic eye for what looks good and what doesn't... and she was great about working with me within my comfort zone, while still encouraging me to think outside the box.  She made it so much fun!  My first week of wearing my new clothes resulted in more compliments than I think I've ever received on my wardrobe in my entire life.  It was such a wonderful feeling.  Thank you, Marisa! 

Carolyn P.

I met with Jessica for our shopping trip on Saturday (after our initial eval 2 weeks ago), and just wanted to say how terrific it was to work with her!  She encouraged me to try a few things that I wouldn't have in the past, and I'm so pleased -- I can't wait to wear what we found on Saturday.

Maggie W.

Marisa- a quick note about my recent shopping trip. Being a 55 year old male I was a little unsure how it would go when I made the appointment.But right from the start you made me felt relaxed and ready to shop.The shopping experience was fun,relaxed,efficient and very productive. I purchased  new clothes (pants,shirts,shoes,jacket,etc.) that were a change from my current out dated style.They were not such a wild change that I would feel uncomfortable wearing them anywhere.In summary my new cloths/look are more current in style and best of all my wife is extremely happy with my new how everything looks .I would recommend to all guys,especially of my age and unsure of the process,who are looking for a cloths and a more current style consider a shopping trip with Marisa.You will not be disappointed.

Kurt K.

I have found working with Marisa transformative – and great fun! I had the classic fashion frustration – too many clothes and really nothing to wear.  My closet was filled with odds and ends purchased over time, over years without criteria other than “it was on sale” or “I might need another black turtleneck.”  Enter Marisa! Our first closet cleaning session was truly liberating for me! Marisa brought her keen sense of style, color, and design possibilities as we ruthlessly sorted what to keep and what to discard. Guided by Marisa’s direction, I began to see quite different criteria emerging surrounding a clothing wardrobe. Our goal was to select clothing for me that enhanced my assets, personality, and lifestyle. This was a new beginning for  me, learning to articulate what worked for me and what to look for going forward. Marisa and I had another session devoted to a different season of clothes (winter this time!) with equally remarkable fashion results. I had less items of clothing in my closet but much more compatibility and versatility with what remained (less is truly more!). My confidence in my ability to do clothing well for me was growing. Finally, Marisa encouraged me to go shopping with her. I really hesitated here based on my own overwhelming past experiences in stores. She assured me she had a plan and the thorough shopping list she had created for me.  As it turned out, our shopping adventure was great fun and wonderfully productive! I now have some lovely, enduring pieces that compliment my entire wardrobe. And…speaking about compliments… it seems each time I wear an outfit Marisa helped me put together…I get a compliment from others! I highly recommend Marisa and the varied services at Stilista!

Teresa G.

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking Marisa for her help. Shopping with her was fun and efficient! I love all the new items she helped me select. Iテ「冤l definitely be in touch soon for another round of shopping.

Nicole A.

I have downsized for the second time in 4 years (starting with an 11-room house with 2 large walk-in closets and 3 other normal-sized closets, through a 5 room house with 4 major walk-in closets built into the eaves, and just recently landing in a 500 s.f. apartment in Brookline with three large closets.  Needless to say, major editing and purging was needed, so I contacted Stilista and they put me in touch with Marisa Meloski to help me eliminate the mountain of clothing and overstuffed closets in the apartment.Marisa was wonderful.  We got right to work first going through the closets to free up some valuable real estate and then going through the piles of closet-worthy clothing.  It took us a good chunk of time, but with Marisa's help I was able to get everything comfortable into the closets that needed to be hung up.  I took 12 hefty bags of clothing to Big Brother/Big Sister the next day.I honestly could not have accomplished this task alone.  We went through my clothing piece-by-piece and edited out the clothes and shoes to keep/donate/alter/discard. By the end of our time together I think I wore the poor girl out, but my closets looked terrific and you would never have noticed that Marisa was tired fromher demeanor.  She left me with all clothing sorted by tyoe (pants, skirts, jackets, etc.), hanging in the same direction and not overstuffed.  She even put together the shoe cubbies I had purchased at Target for shoe storage.It was wonderful having someone so pleasant and with such a good eye help me edit and sort.  Needless to say, at the end of our session I did not need a single article of clothing, nor did I need to fill any gaps in my wardrobe.  In fact, Marisa has inspired me to keep doing the editing on all of my clothes, even those we had already gone through.I would highly recommend the services of Stilista and, particularly of Marisa.  She has a great eye and was a huge help in getting through an overwhelming project.  I would hire her again in a minute.

Marie M.

I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate from my husband, who had already been テ「徨evampedテ「 by Stilista with amazing results. As a tall thin man, his challenges were different than mine, but this was the catalyst I needed. I was so bored with my clothes, and challenged daily trying to assemble outfits for work while getting two young boys off to school. Every other morning resulted in a wardrobe crisis, time and energy needlessly misspent, and dissatisfaction with my look. Well, working with Marisa was a revelation! She really listened, and compiled a comprehensive clothing list to shop from. Before we even set out she gave me great examples of what she thought would work for me based on my body type and desire for updated classic clothing, and she was right on the mark! Marisa introduced me to stores and designers Iテ「囘 never considered or even known. The shopping trip was very efficient, it was wonderful to have Marisa, with Carly assisting, working to make me look great, and they really worked! It was so liberating! Not only that, but they know the staff in the stores, and then they work for you too! Iテ「冦 thrilled with my new clothes, and my new found knowledge. Iテ「囘 recommend Marisa, and the services of Stilista to anyone who wants or needs any sort of fashion advice, and am deeply appreciative of my experience.

Mary C.

Jessica, thank you for a great time on Saturday! I really enjoyed shopping with you and am really happy with the things that we found. Also, thank you for educating me and helping me understand what I should be on the look out for in the future.I look forward to your shoe recommendations, and will definitely schedule another shopping trip with you in the spring!

Alla Z.

I had a great shopping experience with Kacy! I feel like I learned a lot in terms of how to put my own outfits together and what items work well together. I was really happy with all of the items she selected for me and I feel like I got a ton of items and still stayed within my budget, including shoes and accessories! I feel like I finally have a wardrobe that I like and there are plenty of options when I go to find something to wear including both work and casual pieces. The whole experience was well worth it. Thank you Kacy!

Jennifer R.

A little over a year after the birth of my second child, I realized by closet was a hodgepodge of pre-children work clothes, maternity clothes, and my-weight-is-a-moving target postpartum clothes. With a closet full of clothes I didn't like and no time to figure out what was fashionable and what would work with my new lifestyle as a full-time mom, I knew I needed professional help. Never having worked with a stylist before, I was a bit reluctant. Marisa quickly eased my nerves with her warmth during our initial interview. As we went through my closet, she never once pointed and laughed at some of the items we found in there, though she had every right to. She simply told me why something worked or didn't work and helped me edit my wardrobe down and down and down and -- when I thought we were done -- down even further. I essentially had no clothes. But I trusted Marisa knew what she was doing. She did. When we went shopping a few days later, it was clear that she had listened during our initial interview. She brought me to the stores with clothes that worked for my body and my lifestyle. Within minutes I was feeling good about shopping for clothes, which is something I never, ever liked to do. She educated me about cuts and colors that worked for me along the way. By the end of our second shopping trip, I was feeling great about my new wardrobe. Now I have less clothes in my closet before this process, but much, much more to wear. Getting dressed in the morning or for a dinner out, is now a stress-free process. Working with Marisa was money well spent!

Tara J.

"The best thing about Marisa is her objectivity and expertise. She tackled my wardrobe, not me. She helped me look at my sense of style analytically rather than personally, and she never voiced an opinion about who I am or aspire to be as a person. Rather, she helped me think through the image I hope to project and how to really embody my personality and sense of self through my choices of color, style, fit, etc. We threw out 8 trash bags of stuff - most of which I hadn't worn in over 5 years. I am truly grateful for this service!"


I had an absolutely amazing day with Marisa!  She was completely prepared and had a plan before we even started.  She was flexible when i didnt like things and was able to find me things that i did like. Because i had a bit of a time crunch toward the end, she was even able to call some stores to make some orders while i was trying on some clothes!  i love my new wardrobe and would definitely consider doing this again!

S.L., Needham, MA

I first hired Marisa at Stilista to help me pull together a handful of work looks for a fashion event in New York City. I normally get very stressed when it comes to shopping, but I can honestly say that my entire trip with Marisa was not only a huge success but also a lot of fun! She immediately put me at ease with her warm and friendly personality. She taught me so much and helped me select some amazing outfits (none of which I would have been able to put together myself). I received so many compliments on my wardrobe and owe it all to her. She was able to work within my budget and never pushed me to purchase anything I wasn’t sure about. I enjoyed my experience so much that I booked Marisa again a few months later to help me select another event outfit. My second trip was just as successful as the first. Marisa is incredibly talented, extremely knowledgeable and really just a lot of fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs fashion assistance! I have no doubt you’ll be just as pleased with her services as I’ve been!

Katie M.

I had a fantastic time working with Kacy!  From our initial phone consultation, Kacy made me feel comfortable and was responsive to what I was hoping to achieve.  Kacy organized the perfect shopping list and itinerary.  I was amazed at how well our shopping day worked out!  Kacy helped me try looks and styles that were not only fashionable and classic but flattering and suitable to my body type.  She also took into consideration my personal preference of style while helping me think a little outside of the box.  Kacy made fantastic suggestions on how I can coordinate all my new clothing and styles.  Most importantly though, Kacy is very personable and a true pleasure to work with.  She made the whole experience so much fun!  I would definitely love to work with Kacy again in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone.  Thank you so much Kacy!

Pamm R.

Curt, Michael and myself had a wonderful time shopping on Monday.  Your company offers a fantastic service an your stylists are wonderful!  We would definitely love to do it again sometime in the future. (Company shopping outing)

Ingenious Group

Katie, thank you so much for the fantastic shopping trip yesterday. Jenniferand I spent a few hours talking about our experience, and showing eachother the outfits we purchased. We both came away incredibly happy with the experience. We wouldn't hesitate coming back for another trip inthe future, perhaps even next Spring. I've already recommended both youand Kacy to my business partner and his wife.

Rob D.

I had a fantastic shopping experience with Kacy this past weekend and wanted to let everyone there know.  This my first time working with a sylist and not only did I have a great time, but I was helped to discover my personal feminine style and leaned alot in the process.  The hours flew by and Kacy took charge and was incredibly helpful and put me at ease immediately.  I would and have highly recommended Kacy to friends and I hope to be able to shop with her again in the spring!  Thanks so much!

Jennifer O.

I used to look in my closet and feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting together an outfit. Looking pulled together and fashionable seemed impossible. I spent a lot of money on items that I never wore and didn’t go with anything else in my closet. But then I discovered Marisa [at Stilista]! Marisa assessed my current wardrobe and helped me see the value in pieces I had given up on, eliminate things that weren’t flattering or well suited to my personal style, and identify pieces that needed alteration. In no time at all, Marisa was able to get a handle on my own personal style and pulled together a list of items to purchase that would complete and upgrade my current wardrobe. With her great eye for style and a keen sense of what looked good on my figure, several hours shopping together produced some beautiful clothing and accessories that added just the right polish to my wardrobe. This summer, I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on my clothing and appearance. As great as that is, the best part is being able to easily get dressed and feel great about what I’m wearing! Thank you, Marisa!!

Katie H.

Marisa - I was quite apprehensive about going shopping with you and then it was nothing but a totally successful and fun experience! You were so efficient and yet so tactful - you got me to consider dresses that were completely out of my usual comfort zone and then, much to my surprise, they looked great when I put them on. You have quite a talent for sizing up every aspect of your client and then picking out just the right style for that person. I'll think of you every time I get a compliment on my new outfits!

Kathie K.

I never thought I'd use a stylist. But when shopping trip after shopping trip and hours upon hours of trying on clothes in every store imaginable yielded no results, I grew desperate. That's how I met the single greatest influence on my wardrobe and personal style: Lindsay W.. The experience was nothing like I expected - with Lindsay W., it wasn't about tailoring me to fit the latest fashion. Instead, it was an exploration of how my own clothing preferences and body could combine with fashion to give me what I so desperately needed: a wardrobe fit for a young professional who still wanted to be feminine. With Lindsay's guidance, I discovered the sizes and styles of clothing that best suited me, some of which I never expected (like patterns and dresses). For the first time in years, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "There's a beautiful, confident woman." For anyone facing similar struggles, I highly recommend Lindsay W. and Stilista's services.


I recently found myself in a major fashion rut. I felt like I had nothing to wear, did not like what was in my closet, and every time I went shopping, I left empty handed and frustrated. Then along came Marisa. After identifying my fashion goals, we went through my closet. Marisa quickly and efficiently helped me weed out things that were out of style or did not flatter me, and then put together a shopping list of what I needed. Our three hour shopping trip was the most productive of my life. We shopped for everyday clothes, things to wear out at night, and dresses/shoes I needed for a graduation. I love everything we bought, and it was amazing to watch Marisa make multiple outfits from the different pieces.  It really gives you good bang for your shopping buck. Marisa has a great eye for what looks good on me, she helped me understand my "style" but also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I highly recommend Marisa, and although I feel more confident shopping on my own now, I will definitely shop with Marisa in the fall. Getting dressed is a pleasure now, and I have received many compliments from family and friends. Thank you!

Nan V.

Silista! Thank you so much for giving me the amazing gift of confidence and empowerment through fashion! Maria showed me exactly what types of styles looked good on my body typeand how to pair them together. She made me realize that I need to stop hiding my body in big dresses and shirts and start embracing my fantastic curves. She was polite, friendly, and very easy to speak with. She made sure we shopped for things that were more my style, but she also pushed me (gently) outside of my comfort zone, which I now appreciate immensely. Just today I was shopping, and noticed that the clothes I would normally gravitate toward are no longer what I was interested in. Thank ya'll so much for giving me this gift, I know it will prove to be helpful in many aspects on my life!

Bekah G.

I cannot say enough about how amazing it was to work with Marisa.  For the last 3 and a half years I have been preoccupied with being pregnant, having my two sons, leaving the work force to be home with them, and all of the changes that come along with that.  So not only did I not want to shop for clothes because my body was always changing, but also I was out of touch with current style.  After shopping with Marisa, I feel like I have some great staples in my closet (and some fun things too!), and I have a better sense of what I should be wearing/looking for when I shop.  I love the clothes we bought and have worn them every day since our trip.  I found Marisa very easy to work with, very receptive to my needs, and considerate of my lifestyle when helping me choose clothes and put together outfits.  Thank you Marisa!  I can safely say I no longer feel like a "dowdy mom" - my worst fear!  I am already looking forward to our shopping trip in the fall.

Jennifer C.

I had a very productive and enjoyable day with Kacy.  I needed a completecloset overhaul because I had not bought clothes for years. I would ratherdo anything but shop. Immediately, Kacy took charge and she wasintrumental in helping me revitalize my wardrobe. I accomplishedeverything that I wanted to in a short period of time. I will definetlycall her again. She is the best!!

Janet K.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Marisa for a great day of shopping in mid-February. I had received a gift certificate from my sister and had been very hesitant about shopping with a stylist-it was really intimidating to me and made me so nervous. Just a few minutes into our meeting, however, I knew that I was in good hands with Marisa. She was friendly and relaxed and made me feel immediately at ease. She asked a lot of questions that helped her (and me) figure out exactly what I wanted to get out of our day together. Marisa had a great eye for colors and fits and helped me build a solid collection of outfits that I could mix and match and wear for many different occasions. Most importantly, she struck the perfect balance between direct/take-charge and low-key/flexible. She was a great listener and offered lots of tips, suggestions, ideas and support. The whole experience was so positive and a fun. I love the clothes and accessories I purchased (and get compliments constantly on my new look!) and I have used Marisa's tips to revitalize my current wardrobe to figure out how to get the most out of what I already have. Best of all, this experience made me feel so confident and helped me start to see how much fun shopping and fashion can be. It was a great experience and I can't wait to encourage my friends and family to contact Stilista to make an appointment, too.

Kristen B.

After having a jam-packed closet and unable to find anything to wear I booked an appointment with Stilista and I’m so glad I did. Marisa was able to go through my clothes and help me put together outfits that I never would have come up with on my own.   And this was before I purchased anything new!  Marisa really listened to the goals that I wanted to achieve with my clothes and put together a great list of items for us to focus on during our trip.  Then we went shopping and added so many great pieces to my wardrobe I may never get tired of creating new combinations!  From start to finish it was a great experience.  I learned so much about fit and colors that work for me that I am no longer intimidated to go shopping by myself.  I feel great about getting dressed every day and get compliments all the time!

Mary R. / Financial Analyst

It was fabulous to work with Marisa. She came over and did a closet consultation which really helped me get rid of some clutter and found some new outfits from pieces I had not thought to put together. We then went shopping together and it was the most productive three hours of shopping I have ever done! She was so organized and thoughtful in her approach. She has a great eye for finding things quickly and coming up with outfits on the spot. It was amazing how quickly she learned my likes and dislikes and really understood my style and needs in a short time period. I really appreciated that she did not push me to buy anything I was not comfortable in but yet was able to help me be open minded to new looks and designs.Marisa is kind and patient and made shopping, a real chore for me normally, turn into a fun and productive experience.She has changed the way I look at my own style and fashion and I can't thank her enough. In fact, my husband was so impressed he would like to work with her too now!


I had a great experience working with Maria at Stilista. I was feeling quite lost when it came to shopping for new clothes or finding ones in my closet to wear. I felt like my style had not been updated since high school. Maria helped me get rid of older clothes that did not fit right or flatter my figure. My sister was in town visiting, and so I arranged for personal shopping trips for the two of us. On each trip, Maria was very attentive and focused on getting clothes that made us each feel good. She was awesome at walking the fine line between pushing us to try new things (for the best, ultimately) and making us uncomfortable (never!). From shoes to scarves, jackets and jeans, Maria was able to help my sister and I find affordable, stylish and comfortable clothing for work and weekends that suited our personalities. Thank you!

Emily G.

I felt the package including consultation, closet evaluation and shopping trip was a great investment.  I needed to reevaluate my closet and my look after 3 years of maternity wear.  Marisa was very friendly, professional, and focused.  She listened to my style goals, created a comprehensive shopping list, and helped translate my goals into action by weeding out unused and unflattering pieces from my closet and helping me identify new items on list.  She is especially skilled at understanding what her client is saying and helping to form a plan from this, within budget.  This strategic element of styling is invaluable and the efficiency of the process was essential for a busy mom like me! In addition, she has followed up with me to make sure everything is working out and proactively giving me some additional thoughts and options. I highly recommend Marisa and plan to continue to shop with her. 

Kelly L.

Maria, thank you so much for all your help Saturday, it was a wonderful experience for me.  I had a lot of fun, and I don't think I've ever had that much attention and assistance trying on clothes.  I am enjoying my purchases, I've already worn the gold cardigan yesterday and the black patent belt today.  Thanks for the boot links. If I ever need any additional assistance, I will happily contact you again

Jennifer S.

I recently purchased a Style Seeker with Rebekah whilst I was over visitingfrom Scotland. The whole experience from start to finish exceeded myexpectations and now, not only do I have a new wardbrobe-full of clothes I loveto wear and regularly receive compliments on, I also understand more about howall of the items can be combined to dress-up and down.  Rebekah made the wholeexperience fun and informative. I bought at least 2 or 3 items from every storewe visited, usually turning up to having a dedicated changing room and salesassistant on tap, and clothes already waiting for me in the changing room to tryon. My favourite items are those Rebekah picked out that I would never in amillion years pick off the rack let alone try on. This was the perfect shoppingexperience!!

Craig B.

I feel I am a pretty savvy shopper, but was struggling to upgrade my work wardrobe. I wanted clothes that were me vs. just office wear. Then I met Marisa, who asked about my lifestyle, walked through my closet, and listened to me describe my favorite pieces. Then she went to work, pulling what must have been nearly 50 outfits for me across a couple of shopping trips. Marisa captured my taste by picking classic pieces with a bit of an edge. Also, the looks fit perfectly and accentuated the right places. It was me, only better. All I had to do was pick my favorites, and my wardrobe was instantly updated. Now I don’t want to shop without her! 

Amanda K.

This is just a quick note to say thank you and to let you know what a pleasure it was to shop with Maria.  Moreover, in addition to her natural talent and skilled eye, she is truly enjoyable to be around!

Roxanne G.

When I contacted Stilista I really didn't know what to expect. Marisa, my assigned personal shopper, made my experience absolutely perfect. I'm so impressed with her professionalism and her incredible knowledge of fashion and style. She came to my house, inventoried my closet and listened to the direction I wanted to go in regarding a new wardrobe. Marisa listened to what I was looking for and along with her direction I now have the perfect wardrobe for me. I learned a lot by asking fashion questions and watching how Marisa shops and where she shops. I can't emphasize enough what a tremendous value I think this service and how lucky I feel to have been able to work with Marisa. I would recommend this service to anyone... in fact, I already have!

Denise K.

"Shopping is not my idea of fun, but Marisa's upbeat and laid back style put me at ease. With her help we put together a plan of attack, the end result being a selection of outfits that I now enjoy wearing every day of the week. Marisa helped me expand my overall fashion palette while still respecting my personal tastes. I am a better dressed man for it!"

Andy F.

Personal branding is particularly important for small business owners, with your clothes, hair, and makeup ideally mirroring your companyテ「冱 branding. For many years, I struggled to create a look that reflected my businessテ「 unique services. Thankfully, I contacted Stilista. Honestly, I donテ「冲 even know how Alice did it, but she made me over into a stylish and polished businesswoman almost overnight. She taught me what clothes are right and wrong for my body. Alice wants her clients to look great every day, in every circumstance. I canテ「冲 say enough good things about Alice and Stilista.

Katherine L. Boston, MA

I am a self-diagnosed clothing hoarder. I wanted to thank Rebekah so much for having the courage to de-clutter my closet. She was able to point out my patterns of shopping and develop strategies to decide what I should get rid of and what I should keep. Rebekah also gave me many pointers on what styles flatter my body. I now feel fully prepared to only buy what I need rather than something I already own. It feels so great to finally be able to see and wear what I own! At the end of the day, I ended up with 15 full garbage bags of clothing to consign. Thank you thank you Rebekah for you sassy style advice!

Mya F. Needham, MA

Alice & Rebekah - I really enjoyed my shopping adventure.テつ Thank you for all of your help!テつ You guys were great and I feel like I accomplished a lot in a short period of time.テつ I wore a few of the the thingsテつon vacation, and received many compliments on everything.テつ It was fun to be able to know what I was going to wear, rather than struggling to pack and put things together.テつ I look forward to seeing you some time in the fall!テつ Talk to you soon!

Sarah M.

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Maria! I had such a wonderful experience. I decided to go with the revamp package since I had lost a little bit of weight. Maria came over, interviewed me, asked me numerous questions about my lifestyle and then proceeded to have me try on a lot of my current wardrobe. Following this meeting, we met up at the mall to start shopping. She gave me many pointers about what to wear including lengths, sizes and colors. She also encouraged me to try items that I would not have done on my own. I gave her honest feedback about my experience, what I appreciated and other help that I was looking for. Maria went out of her way to listen to what I had to say and make sure that she was fulfilling my requests. I really appreciated her attitude and had a great time. The best part... compliments on my outfits! Thanks Maria!!

Denise F.

Marisa helped me to transform my ill fitting, uninspired wardrobe into a collection of beautiful pieces that I can use to create a multitude of classic outfits for work and play. More importantly though, she helped me to create a personal sense of style and taught me how to dress. I feel confident that with the skills she taught me, I will be a much savvier and more educated consumer.

Lorna D. Beverly MA

I worked with Jessica to re-build my wardrobe. I am not a shopper - I view clothes shopping as a chore. Jessica has a very well developed sense of style. She is a good teacher - when we reviewed my wardrobe, she taught me what cuts are flattering to my shape and what cuts are not. We had an EXTREMELY productive shopping session. I love everything that she helped me select. Getting dressed in the morning or to go out with friends is very easy now because everything in my closet fits well and is stylish. Jessica was particularly helpful with Jeans. I love wearing jeans, but often can't find a pair that fits. With her help, I now have several new pairs that are quite comfortable and flattering. Hiring Jessica turned out to be a savings - no more expensive fashion mistakes. I will definitely hire her again in the future.

Maggie W.

I just wanted to say that I could not be happier with my experiences with Stilista. On both of my shopping trips I ended up with everything I needed, at reasonable prices. Even better, a lot of my favorite items were things I would not have selected for myself, which was very eye-opening as to what looks good on me now (as a 44 year old mother of twins). Maria is extremely well organized, very professional and able to translate my needs into a succinct shopping plan. I could not be happier and plan to use her services again. Thank you!

Lisa W.

Hi Jessica! I just wanted to give you a belated THANK YOU for our last shopping trip! Ann Taylor is a great store for me...and...I got the job!!! My last day in my current job is May 14th and I have a week off before starting as AVP- Human Resources at a non-profit here in Boston. I am very excited and could not have done it without your help! So thank you so much!!! All my Best and until the next shopping spree!

Lila M.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Marisa for my Wardrobe Re-Vamp. Marisa went through my entire wardrobe and helped me to figure out how to wear the clothes that I already owned in ways that were different from how I was wearing them previously. As a result, Marisaテ「冱 wardrobe analysis gave me many new outfits that I didnテ「冲 even know I had! Marisaテ「冱 detailed analysis then allowed her to guide me in filling in the テ「枠apsテ「 in my wardrobe when we went shopping. During our shopping excursions, Marisaテ「冱 guidance helped me to look at clothes and accessories differently than I had before. Instead of going back to my comfort zone, and buying the same types of clothes over and over again, Iテ「况e now developed a whole new sense of style. Shopping is now fun again thanks to Marisa!

Marjie H.

Lindsay, Thank you very much for your help!! You were great...everything was perfect. The trousers are just what I have been looking for. The best for me was actually finding shirts that fit me. I will absolutely recommend you to others. You are doing a great thing. Keep helping clueless people like me. You have good shopping Karma

James H.

Oh wow--thank you so much! I wasn't envisioning such an elaborate shopping list [from Lindsay] with so many examples, but I really appreciate it! I really liked the stuff [she] picked out for me--it's the type of stuff I see on other women and think looks great, but never seem to see that type of stuff in the stores when I'm shopping. This is soooo helpful!

Kaley K.

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed my time with Marisa. Her advice and sense of style was exactly what I needed to jump start my transformation. I was looking for someone to teach me how to shop for styles that would last and not just the latest trends. Marisa was the right person. I appreciated how she really thought about my lifestyle and showed me how to shop for my life, not for someone else's life. This experience has given me the confidence I was looking for to go out and shop on my own. I have given your name to a few of my friends. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already contacted you. I think this service and Marisa are fabulous and hope to call on you again... soon. :)

Barbara W.

"While getting dressed for work or to go out, I would have only a few options of clothing that I really liked, and many days I would settle for wearing something that I didn't look great in, that was just passable. Even clothing that I had recently bought either didn't seem to fit right or wasn't quite appropriate. I'd rather send an email than see somebody face-to-face. Stilista style consultant Maria helped me understand how to get a proper fit, and made me a list of items every man should have in his wardrobe. In a short time, I was already feeling better about clothing. Maria's advice went way beyond vague recommendations; she had the professional approach of an expert, and a ton of practical and concrete advice. I had been weary of calling a "Style Consultant" because I didn't want to be transformed into a cowboy-boot wearing metrosexual. But all the advice was appropriate, and I feel completely comfortable. It's no exaggeration to say that I feel much more confident at work, and I've actually been going out more since using the service. I realize that dressing well is a skill like any other, a skill I'd never been taught. Simply put, hiring Stilista was the best investment I've made in a long time."

Nathan M. Butcher, Boston, MA

"I am a 26-year-old schoolteacher with a difficult figure to dress and a limited budget. A few months ago I needed to find a dress to wear to two weddings that was within my price range and that would fit my curvaceous body. I have always had difficulty finding dresses that appropriately fit both my body and style, and shopping can be very frustrating for me. I therefore decided to seek assistance from a Stilista style consultant. My personal stylist, Alice, did a wonderful job helping me find a dress that was perfect for both weddings. She brought me to great stores that had the fit, styles, and prices I was looking for. It was exciting and fun shopping with a professional stylist, and I learned a great deal about finding styles that flatter my figure. Once I found the perfect dress, Alice helped me accessorize with shoes, jewelry, and a purse. I felt beautiful, confident, and fashion forward at both weddings, and many other guests complimented my attire. Not only had I found a beautiful outfit; I also had fun doing it! I was thrilled with my Stilista experience and would recommend Stilista to anyone in need of professional advice and assistance in any fashion endeavor! Thank you, Stilista, for helping me find the perfect outfit for both weddings and for helping me recognize how I can best flatter my difficult figure!"

Jessica M. Middle School Teacher, Lynn, MA

"I am in my early 50's and a new grandmother, and I started to feel like I was losing my sense of style. I have always loved clothes and shopped a lot, but a lot of my purchases ended up not being worn, or being returned. I am a manager in the financial industry and many of the people I work with are young and hip, so I decided to get help from a professional Fashion consultant and called Stilista. My stylist Maria helped me to figure out that my big issue was seeking out the right fit. I am a petite so I learned a lot about where to shop and how to rely on alterations. Maria also showed me how to put together different pieces from my existing wardrobe and many of my older garments are getting a new life. After compiling a well though-out list, Maria took me shopping and showed me what to buy and where. The shopping trip was so productive because every store we went to carried things that were right for my body type and fashion preferences. After consulting with Maria, I feel much more put together, and it is much easier to get dressed in the morning. I also find that I am not wasting time or money on clothing purchases that are just not right for me."

Gita V. Tax Manager, Sharon, MA

"I am a business professional and lately (for the past 2-3 years) I've been feeling uncomfortable with my professional attire. I had a hard time picking my wardrobe and most of my clothes were outdated. I hired Stilista to help me. The biggest reason I used Stilista was because the stylists I met were very knowledgeable in every aspect of today's style. My stylist (Alice) did a wardrobe analysis and helped me understand why and which piece of clothing in my closet are outdated and what I should look for in the future that will complement my body type. The stylist spent several hours on my closet analysis and then took me shopping. I thought the whole process would be painful but it proved to be educational and I got some great clothes as well. I would like to thank Alice at Stilista for her help and expertise. I feel that I made the right decision hiring Stilista for what I thought was an impossible task. This was actually a great learning experience for me. Thanks again!"

Gene V. Business Analyst, Boston, MA

"I just recently got a job in an upscale automobile dealership selling one of the worlds best sports cars. I'm 39 years old and have never needed to wear a professional attire as my previous jobs did not require it. I contacted the team at Stilista in assisting me to create a new professional look. My shopping experience was easy and educational as I learned to mix and match to get the most use out of my new attire. I strongly recommend the team at Stilista as they are knowledgeable in understanding your needs and creating a certain look that you are trying to accomplish."

Raffy M. Herb Chambers Porsche, Boston, MA

"Hire a stylist? Well, I had my doubts initially, it's so metro-sexual. But after meeting with Maria for the consultation, I was very much looking forward to a personalized shopping experience. I was really impressed with how prepared Maria was, and she was so detail oriented and attentive during the whole experience. It was the most pleasant and stress free shopping experience ever! It's so easy and quick to have someone professional right next to you, offering you an opinion right away as you try clothes on. Afterwards, I was very surprised how many ladies noticed my new look. I started to believe you are what you eat and wear. I am so looking forward to my Spring/Summer shopping experience with Maria next year!"

Jay S. Business Owner, Boston, MA

"Stilista is the best birthday present a girl could ever get! At first I was nervous - I'm young, and I thought I had good style already! Meeting with Alice was amazing, and it gave me a chance to talk to someone who really understands and knows fashion. She took the time to get to know me, to work out the kind of looks that I was going for (work and play and black tie!), and to address challenges and things that I wasn't sure about. Alice was able to help me get a better idea of my own body type and how to move from frumpy college grunge to young-professional flattering and funky! Not only did she work with me on creating a wardrobe of classic and colorful items that will never go out of fashion, she taught me things that I'll know forever, and provided amazing answers, ideas and references for every question and need I had. I don't know how I'll ever go shopping without her again, but she really went above and beyond to give me tools and ideas to take with me. I now feel comfortable in clothes that are exactly what I was hoping for, which is really a long-term gift!"

Ariel W. Non-Profit Fundraising, Boston, MA

"Recently I utilized the services of style consultants Stilista LLC and let me tell you, it was the best thing I have ever done for myself! The entire process was amazing and I now love my clothes, accessories and shoes. I felt I needed a new look since I have not been in the professional eye since before my daughter was born. My pre pregnancy shoe collection no longer fit as my feet grew an entire size. The only "professional" clothes I had in my closet were more of the funeral style and not fun to wear. The Stilista's were very highly recommended to me by a trusted friend. As I saw her style shine through in her new clothes as well as her confidence grow I decided to make the call. I found it so helpful to learn the "rules of fashion" for my body type. Now instead of shying away for being in the public eye, I now have clothes that I am comfortable and confident in. Oh, and did I mention I had never felt so pampered in my entire life. The shopping experience was such a treat and I felt so special. It is the nicest thing I have ever done for myself and I highly recommend you do it for yourself as well."

Kate P. Co Founder/Treasurer Women's Entrepreneurs Firm, Boston, MA

I did the "Complete Overhaul" with Alice and it was a great experience. Alice "liberated" my closet of about 90% of its contents (I was obviously in need of a style/size intervention!) and then we proceeded to start to build a new wardrobe and also work on my hair and make-up. Alice encouraged me to show off my figure rather than buying clothes in sizes that hid it as I had unintentionally been doing, and she also helped me to be more hip in my clothing choices. We had some ups and downs--I was not always in agreement with choices she made even though she was more than likely right--but she was extremely patient and had a good sense of humor throughout. I was very impressed with how much time she spent with me, as well as the time she spent answering numerous e-mails (which she still does even though the Complete Overhaul is now done). She even came to the salon we chose for my haircut and color and was there for most of the process (I thought she was just going to drop in for the last 10 minutes or so). I would highly recommend Alice to anyone, male or female, who is ready to change/improve their appearance. She will help you look your best in a relaxed and fun manner that you will wish could go on forever as I do

Linda F. Quincy, MA

Can shopping be fun? With Alice it is! Before the shopping trip, Alice expertly and kindly "edited" my closet. What a learning experience. She shared information about each garment in turn from its length,to its proportion vis a vis my body to its color and texture. Her keen eye and many years of training and experience rapidly identified garments as keepers or as discards for the neighborhood clothing donation bin. A few days later, I received a comprehensive shopping list in the mail to fill the holes in my wardrobe. Finally, the day for shopping arrived. I absolutely dread going into department stores. I immediately feel overwhelmed -- too much stuff! With me in tow, Alice proceeded up and down the racks of clothing, continuing to teach me about the garment: this one's too ..., that one is ... I soon began to feel more confident about identifying garments.. Although we shopped at the end of the season, much to my surprise we found a huge number of items for me to try on!!! I happily came home with many of the holes in my wardrobe filled. Most important, I had a great time!

Barbara P. Brookline, MA

Let me tell you, more than one person laughed at me when I told them I had hired a personal stylist! Sure it's not something that the average person does everyday, and some people have never even heard of such a service, but it absolutely makes sense when you think about it. People pay money all the time to get their hair done, nails done, make-up done, etc - so why not pay money to get help with something as essential and socially relevant as how you dress your body? It makes perfect sense to me, and I had the last laugh! After purchasing the wardrobe revamp and working with Alice, I am now armed with a ton of new knowledge, resources, and a closet full of fantastic clothes. Alice was down to earth and straightforward as she keenly analyzed my current wardrobe and how my clothes fit me. She later compiled an impressive comprehensive list of items my wardrobe needed, even down to socks, and the stores we were going to shop in for specific items. We met the following day for the shopping trip, and it was beyond amazing to shop with an expert whose focus was to find the right pieces for me. Looking through the racks was a learning experience in itself, as Alice would pull pieces to explain to me why something would or would not work for me. We got a remarkable amount of shopping done in only 3 hours, which opened my eyes to the importance of focused, planned shopping. The clothing and footwear I purchased that day are quality pieces that suit my body shape and personality perfectly. Since my shopping trip with Alice, I am back home in Canada (I was in Boston on vacation), and the experience has continued. A sweater that we could not find in my size, despite having the clerk call all over Massachusetts that day, luckily was available in a store that Alice was shopping in with another client a few weeks later. When Alice came across it, she immediately put it on hold and called me to see if I would like it purchased and shipped to me. I did, and that sweater is on route to me now! Bottom line is that I can't say enough good things about this company and the service I received from them. I would encourage anyone, regardless of age, size, or monetary status, to take advantage of this service. Stilista is passionate about their work and will create an experience for you regardless of your situation.

Lesley H. Newfoundland, Canada

Dear Stilista- I went shopping with Marisa and Barbara on May 31,2009. I am writing today to let you know what a wonderful experience it was. It is the first time in a very long time I enjoyed shopping. Marisa put a lot of thought and effort into planning the shopping trip. She remembered so many things we discussed at our first meeting and incorporated those things into our day. She is a great asset for your company and I look forward to working with her again soon. Barbara was also very helpful and creative,and brought a great energy to the day. In all, it was a great day and an experience I will treasure. Thank you.

Lauren B.

When I first met Marisa I had no idea what to expect. I am a workaholic who never has time for shopping and who dreads malls so you can imagine how awful my wardrobe was. I purchased the wardrobe re-vamp and was extremely impressed with the process. Marisa came to my house and helped me dispose of and donate pieces I knew had to go but would never have shed without her. The shopping trip was made exponentially easier than any I had ever endured because Marisa had a pre set list of items and stores which kept us focused and made a large mall seem far easier to navigate. I learned that you can't continue to make excuses for your wardrobe, great style will change how you feel about yourself, and shopping doesn't have to be overwhelming. I highly recommend taking the time to invest in yourself. This is a transforming process inside and out and you won't regret it.

Lexi F. Group Exercise Coordinator, East Boston, MA

Dear Marisa, thanks so much for your help organizing my closet. It was such a pleasure working with Stilista. You have such an amazing eye! In just a few hours, my closet was transformed from an overcrowded mess to a well-organized and highly functional space. You helped me to accomplish the impossible - an easy-to-wear, put-together wardrobe that feels fresh and stylish. And, by recycling and re-thinking my existing pieces, I was able to achieve this without spending a lot of money on new clothes. It is a joy to get dressed in the morning!

Carolyn P.

Working with Marisa at Stilista has been a blast. Personally, I'm not wild about shopping & had lots of misgivings going into this process. But our interview together was really productive & got me thinking about clothes and fashion in ways I hadn't thought about before. Then we went through my closet & found--lo and behold--that most of it didn't work for me. But interestingly the best part was the shopping. We found some great shoes & built up from there. It was relaxing & felt very unpressured considering how much we accomplished. Of course the "big reveal" to my family and friends was so much fun. Everyone was bowled over by the clothes & couldn't quite believe they are mine (including me). I've been feeling so good since the shopping trip, definitely a big contrast to the hesitation I had beforehand. Marisa was just so easy to work with. So thanks Stilista. I never would have had the courage to do this on my own.

Mary K. Brookline, MA

I have had such a great experience with Stilista. I wanted to share it. I will be using Stilista this fall for much needed fall fashion. Thank you. Thank you! :) All the clothes I had in my closet were sweats and more sweats....they were comfortable. I chose jobs where I could wear sweats so I could avoid the mystery world of fashion. I decided it was time....if I was going to redo the whole interior of my condo why not revamp my whole wardrobe? Time to be seen and be proud! I called Stilista.....very scared I would be a contestant on the What Not To Wear show.......nightmares..........I could see it wear that? and bought that?...what were you thinking?....... I was assured on the phone my experience would not be that way. Boy were they right! I wanted to start right away on the whole fashion program. I signed up for the three day package. I met with Marisa the same week. She was very professional, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, very positive and uplifting. The first meeting she asked me lots of questions. She wanted to get to know what I wanted, what my goals were, and if I was willing to try clothing that may seem outside the box for me. At that point I was willing to experiment with everything. If I was going to make a change why not be be open to whatever she had in mind? The second meeting we met at my home and she went through my closet..... there were no OMG look at how many sweats you have, but maybe we could cut down on the amount of sweat pants so we could make room for some other pieces of clothing. We went through my closet and got rid of unnecessary items and then she made a clothing list of much needed items. On the third meeting we met in Boston to shop. I was nervous.......I was on Newbury Street wearing sweats......We shopped and shopped and I was exhausted......who knew shopping could take the wind out of you. It must show that I am a beginner shopper. I brought all my lovely items home, all excited, I but still wasn't sure how to put the clothes together. I made another phone call to Stilista. Marisa came over immediately to my home and took pictures of potential clothing combinations. I would wear the suggested clothing combinations and get fabulous comments from friends and family that I looked nice...... probably because I did look fabulous, but also because I wasn't wearing sweats. Thank you Stilista Marisa for the confidence boost of outfitting myself and making the whole process/journey the art of fashion into a pleasant, exciting and fun one! I totally recommend Marisa as a Stilista

Molly I.

Hiring a personal stylist was the best decision I could have made! Stilista Boston came highly recommended by one of the fashion editors in Boston Magazine. My initial consultation with Alice was great. We worked our way through a comprehensive questionnaire and Alice took her time answering all the questions I had. We then scheduled a closet evaluation and a shopping trip (on two separate days). Closet evaluation was definitely an eye opening experience for me! Alice helped me realize what fit well and what didn't and gave some great ideas on fresh new colors and textures that I never thought to consider! We even looked at accessories and we found a stunning pair of earrings from the jewelry line she brought with her which are now my favorites! Based on the closet evaluation, Alice came up with a pretty extensive list (keeping my budget in mind) of things that I should have in my closet. I loved that the list was detailed yet not overwhelming. I can honestly say that shopping with Alice was by far the most productive 2.5 hour shopping I've ever had! She took me to stores tailored for both my style and budget and helped me discover some new amazing styles that I would have never considered before! She always gave me her honest feedback and I never felt rushed to buy anything that I did not feel comfortable wearing. The experience was definitely 5 stars and I love my new wardrobe. Alice is a fantastic personal stylist and I am so thankful to her for helping me look and feel my best! I look forward to meeting with her again to choose new pieces for the next season. I highly recommend Stilista Boston to everyone who wants to look their best

Gail R. Business Owner, Boston, MA