Cocooned in Wellensteyn




How appropriate that I am writing this as the weather outside is finally at a seasonally-acceptable temperature of about 30 degrees, with a bone chilling wind that’s always a precursor to snow! Here’s the deal: I don’t love winter, but I do love outerwear. There is something about wearing something soft, warm and flattering that makes me feel like I am outsmarting the harsh New England winter season. Like, “Look, I am MASTERING this!”
The last Sunday before Christmas, in the evening, I attended a style blogger event in Wrentham Outlets’ new addition, Wellensteyn. I was immediately charmed by the lovely store staff, and the quaint photos of German city scenes that adorned the walls. In doing a bit of research about the brand, I learned that it originated in Hamburg, Germany as a brand of outerwear for people working in seaside ports, where winter winds make it extra frigid. The selection was more than abundant: men’s and women’s jackets and coats of various sizes, colors and styles lined the walls. I immediately ran into an old friend and ex-Stilista Kacy Karlen, who was checking out the store for her blog, which specializes in style for tall people. I won’t step on Kacy’s toes too much by raving about how amazing it was that the coats fit her AND her extra tall hubby, but let’s just say I was impressed and made a mental note to recommend Wellensteyn to my extra tall clients, as well as others.

I browsed both men’s and women’s selections thoroughly, noting that most had a very dense outer material that was thicker and more upscale than the nylon that puffer jackets are made out of. It was clear that this material would do a great job blocking out wind. Most jackets also had ultra soft inner linings, which were luxurious and plush. The details were outstanding: bright contrast piping on some, hidden pockets, larger pockets than can easily hold a phone and a wallet and inner layers that would seal out the wind. Many of the jackets would serve well as ski jackets, without looking like jackets made exclusively for skiing. It occurred to me that Wellensteyn can fit a very specific niche in the outerwear market: it is not a puffer, nor a wool topcoat and not exclusively a sporty ski jacket. I would recommend Wellensteyn for people that know they need something like a puffer, but really really do not want to wear a puffer. It is also great for anyone that spends time outdoors in the winter, whether you are tailgating, clearing snow or just going for a long, wintry walk. If you like to own your jackets for a long time, these are sure to last.

Here’s the best part: I brought home Wellensteyn’s Siberia coat for my husband. He LOVED it, and he is the pickiest person in the world who does not shop for himself. He said that when he puts it on, he feels enveloped, cocooned, loved and shielded. He is basically in his own warm little world, which is great, because I frequently ask him to run out to my car or take the dog out so I don’t have to.

The next time you decide to visit Wrentham Outlets, park by Saks Off 5th and walk to the back row of stores – Wellensteyn is right there. Whether you need a new jacket or coat or not, it’s a neat store to visit and we’re lucky to have it: the Wrentham location is one of just two US stores. The other one is in Chicago. Logical.

— Maria

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