Your Lynk to Beauty


Last Saturday, I felt like a Real Housewife of Boston. It was 2 hours before I had to attend a waterfront wedding, the first wedding invite in a number of years. I was sitting on my screened porch, sipping water and getting a thorough make-up application from the highly talented Shakeera of BeautyLynk. We were chatting and enjoying the sunshine.

Let me tell you what getting ready for a Saturday early evening wedding would be like ordinarily: I would, of course, mismanage my time until I was on my last 20 minutes, then I’d be applying make-up while standing in the bathroom, sweating and being interrupted by children every 25 seconds. I wouldn’t be feeling relaxed, taken-care of and beautiful, I’d be frustrated and resentful, pondering why I can’t get an effin’ minute to myself.

BeautyLynk is a local start-up specializing in in-home hair and beauty services. Their prices are reasonable, considering that someone is traveling to you: the value of my very thorough make-up application was $90. My make-up artist was on-time, friendly and efficient. More importantly, I started my evening relaxed and calm, not on-edge and running late, as I normally find myself.

I can see this service being the go-to for weddings, fashion shows, and just for busy people that have bog events to attend. I know I’ll be booking again – look at my “after”:


— Maria

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