Keeping a Cool Head

I am going to go ahead and say it – it’s hot as balls out there! As we cruise through this heat wave (last I heard, we have more than a week of this steaminess coming up!), I have gathered a number of great styles to consider to cover your head at the beach, your walk to work or a day trip:

Beach / Summer Hats

(left to right)

1. Bandana – comes in lots of colors and usually under $5! The beige one seemed chic and original to us, but click to through to the Urban Outfitter website and view all the selections! Tie this in a double knot under your hair / ponytail / bun, and you are good to go!

2. Non-logo baseball cap – going plain is very minimalistic-chic – this contrast stitch darling can be worn just as easily by a 40-year old as a 20-year old.

3. A silk head wrap can keep your hair extra smooth, even during the windiest beach day! This gorge print scarf from Lucky, is a GREAT price for silk!

4. A simple, neutral light colored fedora is a great option if you are afraid of hats in general – the style looks good on [almost] anyone!

5. Wide-brim striped hat from ASOS – feminine and fun, with the added bonus of neck coverage.

6. Elephant / California trucker hats – whimsical, fun, youthful and under $20.

7. White Panama Hat – this style from Madewell is classic and chic, even Ernest Hemingway wore Panama hats!

Much like wearing a hat is detrimental to staying warm in the winter, covering your head in the summer  can help you stay cool. It helps if the hat or scarf / kerchief is a light color and hats like baseball / trucker styles, as well as anything with a brim (fedora, panama or wide-brim, will cool you down by keeping the sum off your face). Shop my picks, or share what style you swear by!

— Maria

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