The Shirt Every Guy Should Own


As a fashion stylist for both men and women, I have been in the closets of many male clients. I have also often stepped in to help my male clients shop for a custom shirt from J Hilburn (a fantastic service I blogged about a while back), helping them select all the details (lapel? pocket or no pocket? contrast stitching? standard or European fit?), color / pattern and instruct them on how to wear it. I say it all the time: people are different. Lifestyles are different. There are seldom one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to style. For that reason, I do get pretty excited when I find versatile solutions that can work for many. My current discovery is the Black Performance Stretch Solid fabric custom shirt from J Hilburn. I have seen it on at least 3 male clients in the past year, and have just ordered it for my husband.

Why a black button down? Well, it’s great for an evening look, for starters. It can make many ties really pop against the dark, solid background, or look very sleek and sexy worn slightly unbuttoned. It contrasts really nicely with lighter colored pants, and creates a long, monochromatic look with black / charcoal pants or dark wash jeans. It’s modern, but not inappropriate for a guy in his forties and fifties.

A key element of this shirt fabric is the fact that it has some spandex in the knit that allows the shirt to have a little bit of stretch. This means that it feels fantastic on, and really hugs the body, ensuring a more flattering look. Interested in designing your own custom shirt? Contact Maria Pope Rowley at J Hilburn or book a session with me and I’ll help you choose the most flattering options for your body / style / lifestyle!

One important thing I must note is that since this shirt has some stretch, it does feel like a thinner, somewhat more body conscious fit, so I would advise either skipping the undershirt or utilizing the very cool Sloane invisible undershirt I covered for the blog back in the spring.

— Maria

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