Clean Convenience

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Want your dry cleaning or laundry picked up from home and then delivered back to you clean and pressed? There’s an app for that! I know from many, MANY in-home client wardrobe appointments¬†that laundry tends to pile up and dry cleaning is often left in a forgotten basket in the back of the closet to be dropped off “another time”, often staying there long enough to be forgotten. We are busy, and we are getting busier, but luckily, there is now an app that helps you get ahead of your dry cleaning and laundry. My first thought when I heard about Washio ( is that it’s basically Uber for your clothing.

In addition to loving convenience, I also love a deal, so I was delighted when the darlings at Washio gave me a special offer code for $40 off for all Stilista clients and blog readers (see above)!! Try it out and let me know if it’s as life-changing as it sounds.

— Maria

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