Indochino Custom Suits – a Stylist’s Take

Last week, I attended a great evening event at the Indochino pop-up store at 234 Clarendon street, right off Newbury. I do my best to go to these things with an open mind and zero expectations, and though I have a few very solid resources for my male clients who need custom or made-to-measure options, I am always curious about new offerings in the area.
Indochino was a pleasant surprise – their fabrics were sumptuous and luxurious, and the color and style options for suiting and shirts abundant. I spotted a very cool vintage-inspired vest style that was part of a displayed 3-piece suit that had a u-neckline that I could easily picture on a dapper modern-day version of Don Draper (this look also inspired me to fill in my companion about the latest online gossip about Jon Hamm’s um, male parts, but I digress..)
I chatted with Crystal Walton, a Product Marketing Manager for the brand, and she shared helpful pricing info, which was also a pleasant surprise: custom suiting options range between the mid-$300’s and $500’s, making them very competitive with great custom and off-the-rack suiting options.
The pop-up is only open until April 15th, and one can go there and get fitted for their suit and all measurements are documented for future orders, making repeat orders a snap. The first order also comes with an alterations credit and a list of tailors in the area for small-yet-necessary tweaks. The only downside to the whole thing? Once the pop-up is gone, orderers will need to measure themselves with Indochino’s helpful instructions or head to a participating independent tailor to get measured — something I fear my clients are either too busy to do, or will be intimidated by. Still, a wonderful option in the world of custom suiting.

— Maria

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