How to wear leggings


Jane from Sweet Mama Jane recently reached out to me to request some insight into how to wear leggings properly.

As the mother to a young son, I think that leggings are a great choice for Jane’s wardrobe. They will help her transition from the Fall/Winter season into the Spring/Summer season and they will allow her to wear tunics and dresses that were previously off-limits due to playground antics and the need to scoop up her toddler at a moment’s notice. However, I will admit that leggings have tripped up many a budding fashionista and should be approached with caution.

Here are my thoughts on how to successfully achieve a legging-clad look:

1. Invest in a quality pair.
Leggings should not be sheer!! It renders them almost virtually useless.

2. Cover your bum.
The general rule of thumb is at least 3/4 coverage, but full coverage is preferred.

3. Full-length is most flattering.
Unless you are a model with legs for days, a pair of leggings that cuts you off below the knee-cap or at mid-calf will make you look short and chopped up.

4. Show off those ankles!
Although leggings and boots is a perfectly acceptable combination, that little peek of flesh between a low-cut bootie, ballet flat or even a sleek canvas sneaker means that warmer weather
is on it’s way.

5. Keep it casual.
The traditional cotton/spandex legging is an innately casual garment, so make sure that whatever you pair with it has the same vibe. My favorites include lightweight sweater dresses, flowy silk or jersey tunics, grandpa cardigans and long chambray or plaid shirts that look like they were stolen from your boyfriend or husband’s closet.

6. Play with proportions.
Since your bottom half is so tightly ensconced in fabric, take the opportunity to balance the silhouette with something more voluminous and roomy on top.

7. Basic, matte black is best.
Not only is black the most flattering color, but it is the most useful. Stray too far from this neutral and you will look gimicky and overly trendy instead of fashionable.

8. Enjoy!
Not only do you look fashionable, but you are also comfortable! And as any fashionista can attest, this is a delicate balance that can often be hard to achieve.

Go forth, Jane, and wear leggings with confidence!

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