This one is for the lads… Stilista loves JHilburn Mens Clothier!

Anyone that knows how Stilista operates, knows that we are all… about … FIT! If something doesn’t fit properly, it will not work, no matter how nice the fabric, how reasonable the price and how lovely the color. Thus, a huge pet peeve we have about mens fashion today is the ill-fitting dress shirt. A dress shirt that balloons in the back, or has too-long sleeves that bunch at the wrists looks sloppy and flatters your physique even less than a daily Krispy Kreme outing. On many a shopping trip, we have spent a considerable amount of time seeking out a great shirt fit off the rack, but today, we are happy to share a much easier and convenient solution, that costs about the same! JHilburn is a company that will send out a consultant to your home or office to measure you, show you all the fabrics you can choose and advise on what patterns and styles will work for you. Yes, it will take a few weeks to get your shirts, but when they arrive, they will fit you as only custom shirts can… If you disagree, JHilburn will take the items back no questions asked! Our favorite aspects of the service? The gorgeous Italian fabrics, the $79 – $149 price range, and, of course, the concierge service! Oh, and they also have impeccable-quality custom polos as well.

Contact Stilista for more details and an exclusive $20 off discount!

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