style makeovers

You DESERVE an amazing wardrobe, regardless of your size, gender, occupation or budget!

We have heard it all: no time to shop, stores are overwhelming, closets are packed to the gills, but you still have nothing to wear! Where you have problems, we offer solutions. Our wardrobe editing and shopping methods are based on logic and common sense, not the latest trends or the many whims of the fashion industry! We believe in professionalism, real world style, enduring fabrics, impeccable fit and that less is truly more. We believe in the beauty of every body type and size, and being a fashion-savvy friend that helps, and never judges. We believe getting to know you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and the demands of your days before ever making recommendations. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and vendors, and that everyone can be stylish. We welcome you to our site, and encourage you to read our blog, peruse our services and contact us to discuss your unique needs. You might also want to meet our team and read what our clients are saying.

Want to bring style to your workplace via a team-building interactive event or seminar? We do that. Shopping as a group or planning bridal attire? We got you covered there as well!

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